9th Jan 2007, 13:00

I have a 1999 Nissan Altima. I bought it in 2002. It runs like a champ. I have 141,000 miles on my car. I have regular oil and air filter changes. I recently had spark plugs up in. The only problem I have ever had is boot replacement. Now the bearings need to be replaced.

8th Mar 2007, 19:23

I have a 1999 Nissan Altima, and she runs great! I was in an accident 2 years ago and she runs better than ever now! The quality is nice, the style, comfort, handling! Everything is great on my car!

4th May 2007, 15:13

I have 2002 Nissan altima 2.5S with 70k miles on it. on highways it started giving me windy noice that comes from driver side at speed more than 70 mph. if I reduce the speed, the noice gets decelerates. I was told my tires are not in right position, I had corrected at dealer, it still have problem. the noice annoys, irritates so much that i can't go more than 70mph, any suggestions?

24th May 2007, 09:27

I purchased an Altima 1996 back in 2004 - I have purchase another one recently, this time Altima 99 gxe - I must say Nissan designed one of the best cars - and even I have not purchase them directly from the agency: is economical and runs great!- I carry gas almost every week and a half - I am hopping one day purchase the latest version directly from agency!!!

22nd Feb 2009, 20:16

I own a 1999 Nissan Altima GXE, and have to say that this car has failed me many times. From what I've read so far, like problems with alternators, knock sensors, intake manifold leaks, oil leaks, annoying noises when car is accelerating, brakes and rotors, distributors, etc.

My biggest gripe about Nissan Cars, is the difficulty of doing maintenance and repairs. It's like Nissan doesn't want car owners to know how to work on their cars, thus bringing it to a mechanic, which equals more money out of our pockets.

I wanted to do an oil change, and guess what, the oil filter seems to be hidden, and the only way to get to it is to go underneath and stick you hand in, WTF. My friends Corolla's oil filter is right next to the engine when you open the hood of the car.

And what about the infamous PCV valve, which today, I still cannot locate on my car, I've been trying to replace the PCV valve, but I have heard horror stories. The PCV valve costs a couple of bucks, but doing the work is almost impossible, and bringing to mechanic is even more costly. Why does Nissan want us to suffer?

I can clearly say that I will never buy another Nissan for as long as I live, SHAME ON YOU Nissan.

20th Jun 2009, 00:40


I bought a 1999 Altima GXE a couple months ago. It has 95k miles on it. So far so good. It doesn't handle as nicely as my 1990 or 1991 Camry, nor is it as quiet. And like the previous post, I find getting access to the oil filter ridiculous... I have to jack the car up with a floor jack and crawl under it to get to the filter. Never had that before.

It drives well so far,... some road noise. Gets about 30 mph.

I'm curious if anyone can talk about how the car handles in the snow. I often drive 180 miles a day through the hills of the Palouse in the winter... blowing snow, etc.

Hoping it's as good as the Camry in that regard.

Thanks for any insights on handling in the snow.

28th Jul 2009, 14:48

I just got a '99 Altima GXE last Saturday. I understand a lot of these complaints are really horrible. I'm not going to deny that. But please people; No calling? You are not in a relationship with the manufacture. I worked fast food and some people take customer service way too far. We are adults, not overly grown children.

Now over the gripe, the paint thing could actually be the cleaner/polish you use. Some have abrasives or harmful chemicals that actually ruin your paint. However, keep your car washed. Pollutants, acid rain, and etc can do the same things.

1st Jul 2010, 08:53

I've owned three Nissan Altimas, pretty much since they were introduced. The first two were on three year leases, and we bought the 1999 GXE, which I still have (12 years and 200,000 KM later), and drive daily.

Some of the Nissan OE ignition parts are pretty cheap. When I started doing my own tune ups, I switched over to the Bosch version of everything (distributor, rotor, cables, plugs, O2 sensors, etc.) and I haven't had to touch them since.

The gaskets are pretty bad, and I understand they're worse on the 2000-2003 models. We had the head gasket changed in year four, though, and haven't had a problem since. I'm about to take on the manifold gasket problems using Felpro gaskets and Hylomar sealant; it's a daunting task though, and not for the faint of heart. The engine has the rough idle issue, and has for years, but it was never bad enough to fix.

I replaced the alternator in year 9, which oddly enough cured an unexplained exhaust rattle (really, I have no clue why, but it never came back). Also it has developed an A/C leak, which I only recently fixed with a couple of cans of R134a with sealant (the system was completely empty and it took 1.5 cans to fill and seal). I also had to replace the blower motor resistor pack (blower only ran on max speed).

I changed the battery in year 11 (cold weather starting issue), along with the EGR valve (was sticking a little and I really didn't want to try soaking it in carb cleaner, although I understand this can work).

I have a modest vibration in the driver seat at highway speed, which I believe is caused by a pair of jobber rims (my winters don't do this). It's getting hard to find OE rims for the car (Nissan stopped using the 15x6 four bolt after the 2003 Sentra), so I'm looking for take-offs or OE clone rims without much luck.

I'm on my fourth set of all seasons this spring. I run all seasons 8-9 months a year, and I still have my original winters (fewer long winter trips). I have no alignment or suspension issues, despite having had a pretty bad front end collision in year eight.

Looking at everything, I couldn't have asked for a better car. It's got some flaws, some of which are design issues, but every vehicle is flawed in one way or another. It's held up remarkably well.

A lot of the things people complain about are caused by poor maintenance and incompetent mechanics replacing components that aren't defective. Nobody had three bad sets of knock sensors, it was never the problem.

10th Nov 2010, 10:59

I have a '98 Altima with 124k.

Just a solid, dependable car that seems like it'll run forever.

20th Nov 2010, 13:59

I bought my 99 Nissan Altima in July, and I have had nothing but problems. My husband has changed both timing chains, pulleys, tensioners, and the serpentine belt 2 times, and it has an oil leak that we can't seem to stop; not pouring out mind you, but he replaced the crankshaft seal, and it's still leaking. Okay, what else could it be? The valve cover gasket is replaced and the oil pan gasket. Anyone have an idea? We are tired of working on this car. It seems like twice a month. Help us out here thanks.