2nd Jun 2010, 13:33

2005 Altima 3.5 SE with 88k. Transmission shifted hard for the first time last night after driving 10 miles. After that the transmission would not engage. Motor would rev but no transmission of power to the wheels. Had to get it towed. I am the original owner and have had a 1995 Maxima and this 2005 Altima. Not a happy camper. Last car I had a transmission problem with was a 77 Chevy Caprice back in the early 80's.

2nd Jul 2010, 16:32

I have a 2005 Nissan Altima SE. I experienced two instances of shifting problems on the way home from work last week. Took it to the shop immediately the next morning. The problem was diagnosed as 2 bad sensors. The estimate for this was $967. After the sensors were replaced, the problem was still there. I am now told the transmission has to be rebuilt. The estimate is now at ~$2800 for repair.

I bought the extended warranty, which was good to 100,000 miles. At 125,000 miles the transmission goes out. I would have been better off not buying the extended warranty and putting that money aside for repairs after it ran out.

I had to have the front rotors turned twice because the front end started shaking badly when the brakes were applied, and they need turning again now. The heater went out. Air conditioner hose leaking. The list continues.

Looks like the car was made to last the 100,000 miles they sell you a warranty for, then things fall apart that are expensive to repair. I'm not happy with this. The car has been taken care and never driven hard or irresponsibly.

19th Aug 2010, 21:27

I've bought a new 2005 Nissan, and it has been good to me, and just recently paid it off.

Unfortunately now I am having to encounter the shifting problem. I'm not sure what the transmission computer had anything to do with it, but can someone explain to me the function of the transmission computer?

I've taken my car to the transmission dealer, I was told to ride it till it breaks down. I asked if it could be rebuilt, the mechanic stated Nissan does not recommend to have the transmission rebuilt. Let me know if anyone comes up with a solution with the transmission?

1st Sep 2010, 20:58

Sorry to hear about all of your problems. Bought mine new in 2005, and now have 80k miles with no issues whatsoever.

10th Sep 2010, 00:45

2005 Nissan SER

Clutch falls to floor when very hot or humid.

Clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, clutch reservoir, pedal spring; all replaced numerous times.

At 58,000 the clutch blows up, bends transmission input shaft. Nissan won't cover under warranty, even though they have had the transmission out of car 3 times. Told I abused the clutch, bending input shaft, had to buy a $6k transmission.

Then it was good to 98,000, had oil consumption test, no problems, replaced motor mounts and CV joint boots.

Then at 101,000, catalytic converter goes out, have it replaced and a tune up. Now it burns 1qt of oil every 700 miles. Nissan service adviser states converter can go bad and damage the engine. Tells me to contact Nissan and explain the situation. Nissan does not want to take any responsibility for their known defective parts.

Last Nissan I will buy. No customer loyalty whatsoever.

So nice when it was in warranty and they could make money off of warranty repairs. Stupid me, should have declared it a lemon in the first 3 months that I owned it.

Still runs good, just have to watch the oil.


Mesquite, Texas.

16th Sep 2010, 16:40

I bought a 1994 Nissan Altima GXE, for 1200, and had to put a used transmission in because the transmission tech said that there was no 2nd or 4th gear, only 1st and 3rd. After he replaced the transmission, he drove it and all gears were working. He then called me, and stated that it started doing the same thing, so they checked all electrical circuits and found that it needed a EMC module. The unit works fine now. Has anyone had this problem? Would like to know if others had the same problem and had to change the EMC. Email me at cmi3000@yahoo.com

18th Sep 2010, 01:46

I too, bought a 2005 Altima and am having the same hard shifting as others. We have loved the car up to this point. You just shouldn't be having transmission problems at 63,000 miles! I have been instructed by Nissan to see my dealer to assist me in my problems. It sounds like they haven't assisted anyone up to this point. I will cross my fingers and let you all know the outcome when I meet with them next week.

21st Sep 2010, 19:01

I also own a used Nissan Altima 1997 out here in Nigeria.

I have really enjoyed every aspect of the car, especially the A/C, judging by the temperature out here, except the stalling issue.

I have changed my fuel pump several times and also the fuel filter. Unfortunately I do not live in the part of the world where you can get Nissan Workshop easily. Right now the car has really deteriorated and would not even move for more than a few minutes before stalling. I was thinking of changing the crankshaft sensor until I stumbled on this site and found out there are lots of other possible causes to the problem.

What I need to know now is if it is possible for the problem to be corrected, as the car has been grounded now for days or should I forget about it and just move on?

I need help please!

22nd Sep 2010, 01:54

Hey guys, I also have a 2005 Nissan Altima 3.5. The tranny's been kicking for about a week now, and it has 94k on it. It only kicks when it's warm, but when I first start, it shifts very smoothly. I took it to a tranny specialist, and he said it's common in these cars; he told me it's the valve body. He's a friend of mine, so he's doing it for $350. Hope that gave you an estimate of how much to expect. I'm getting it back tomorrow, and I'll let you all know how it went.

1st Oct 2010, 12:36

From 9/18/10. I took my 2005 Altima in to the dealer to have checked. Dealer said they hadn't had any transmissions go out in this short a period of time. Aamco had told me I needed to have the transmission rebuilt at a cost of $2500. Luckily I didn't do it! It was in the solenoid package. The service bulletin that was posted earlier on the solenoid ground wire was a big help. Thank you! Still cost me $850 total to fix, but better than $2500. Just make sure you do your homework before going in, I have found there are a lot of repair shops that are eager to take your money. Very happy with my Nissan dealer.

15th Oct 2010, 15:07

I just got a 2005 Nissan Altima S with 100k miles, and I love it. The only thing about it that I think may be an issue is when I am at a dead stop and then start to accelerate again, it kind of punches into 1st, and I don't know if that is normal. I would think it should just all go smoothly when accelerating. It's just a little worry I have... what do you guys think?