2002 Nissan Avenir from North America


Don't buy a Nissan


After I reached about 80,000 miles, I had to change the catalytic converter. I took my car the Nissan dealership for repairs. They told me that it would cost at least $900 to repair. Nissan also stated that my car would more than likely use up a lot of oil and possibly blow a head gasket. I continued to check the oil and filled it up when needed.

Only about 3 weeks later, my engine light came back on. I took it back to Nissan and not only did they charge me $95 to check the car, I was told that I needed a new head gasket. This time I took it to my private mechanic and he changed the the head gasket.

I'm still having problems with this car, and from what Nissan is telling me, I will always have a problem from this point on.

Count me in if you want to file a lawsuit. My email is jaz_vincent@yahoo.com.

General Comments:

This car is a piece of junk and Nissan knows it, and they're refusing to take responsibility for it!

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Review Date: 10th November, 2008

8th Apr 2011, 23:57

I see a lot of reviews with Americans complaining about Japanese cars. Most of them are in fact more American than Japanese, as most of them are actually assembled in America. Thankfully I live in New Zealand, and benefit from direct imports from Japan. As a result, the cars are a lot more reliable than a lot of reviews coming out of the Americas would describe. Gotta love Japanese engineering ;)

9th Dec 2011, 22:47

I wholeheartedly agree with the previous comment. We are doing really well here with the range of good quality Japanese assembled vehicles available to us in New Zealand. Pity that customers elsewhere seem to be so badly let down by second rate workmanship and pitiful dealer support.

The only problem we saw in N.Z. was the initial wave of second hand Japanese imports - 22 years ago - in which 10% had the mileage deliberately wound back, and the other 90% "accidentally" altered. There was even a case (early 1990's) of a disgruntled Kiwi managing to locate the previous (Japanese) owner of the lemon Mitsubishi that had failed in a spectacular manner. The Japanese owner was very surprised and embarrassed to learn that the car had been imported to N.Z., as he had sold it to a scrap metal dealer, to be crushed - or so he thought!

Such accounts are seldom heard of here in N.Z. nowadays.

What is harder to forget about is the string of truly horrible British models that we had the misfortune to have here during the 1970's and 1980's. Good bloody riddance to them!

British Leyland in particular, seemed to specialise in producing crap.

Long may the "land of the long white cloud" continue enjoying the excellent vehicles from the land of the rising sun.

1994 Nissan Avenir LX Cargo 2.0 litre diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Good little car


The car was sweet mechanically. It never failed to start, apart from the time when the starter motor failed. I couldn't afford to get it repaired for three months and I became an expert at push starting it.

The front shock absorbers failed, which made for bouncy cornering. We nicknamed it the waterbed because it wallowed like one.

General Comments:

The little CD20 diesel was sweet. It chugged away quite happily for all the time that I owned it. It wasn't fast, but it was reliable.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2008

1999 Nissan Avenir Salut-X 2l from Australia and New Zealand


Would highly recommend


Nothing has gone wrong with car, other than a new battery needed when purchased.

General Comments:

The car handles well.

With 98 octane it goes for 650km to 50L if driven well. This is around town. About 750km to tank on the open road.

Nice comfortable car.

Cabin is roomy and has lots of room for rear passengers.

Good boot size.

Is very fast when you go to overtake; I have the CVT, and just drop down two gears when overtaking, and there is no stopping it.

Excellent car. Had a little shaking when going over 100km, but put that down to it being front wheel drive, as 100km and under no shaking.

Don't have the body kit attached. Just need a good work horse.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2008

23rd Jan 2008, 15:15

Hi I have the same Nissan Avenir salutX 1999. lovely car. good handling. but did about 7Km per liter with 95cotane. after the tune-up and injector clean from dealer for the first run it did 10km per liter (city Driving). but now it has come back to the same. any one has a idea. please comment. also anybody knows whether saluteX came with Diesel engine. Regards -RanilFDO-