1994 Nissan Avenir LX Cargo 2.0 litre diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Good little car


The car was sweet mechanically. It never failed to start, apart from the time when the starter motor failed. I couldn't afford to get it repaired for three months and I became an expert at push starting it.

The front shock absorbers failed, which made for bouncy cornering. We nicknamed it the waterbed because it wallowed like one.

General Comments:

The little CD20 diesel was sweet. It chugged away quite happily for all the time that I owned it. It wasn't fast, but it was reliable.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2008

1999 Nissan Avenir Salut-X 2l from Australia and New Zealand


Would highly recommend


Nothing has gone wrong with car, other than a new battery needed when purchased.

General Comments:

The car handles well.

With 98 octane it goes for 650km to 50L if driven well. This is around town. About 750km to tank on the open road.

Nice comfortable car.

Cabin is roomy and has lots of room for rear passengers.

Good boot size.

Is very fast when you go to overtake; I have the CVT, and just drop down two gears when overtaking, and there is no stopping it.

Excellent car. Had a little shaking when going over 100km, but put that down to it being front wheel drive, as 100km and under no shaking.

Don't have the body kit attached. Just need a good work horse.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2008

23rd Jan 2008, 15:15

Hi I have the same Nissan Avenir salutX 1999. lovely car. good handling. but did about 7Km per liter with 95cotane. after the tune-up and injector clean from dealer for the first run it did 10km per liter (city Driving). but now it has come back to the same. any one has a idea. please comment. also anybody knows whether saluteX came with Diesel engine. Regards -RanilFDO-

1996 Nissan Avenir Salut X SR20DE from Australia and New Zealand


A well featured wagon


Wouldn't start one day for no apparent reason, have had the same problem with the 89 Bluebird, I think it may be a computer glitch or a temporary sensor fault.

General Comments:

The car has a shake or vibration coming from the front, it feels like a wheel unbalance, but is not. I have even changed the brake disks, but cannot find the source of the problem.

Other than that, car is good.

One of the slickest manual gearboxes that I have ever used.

Engine is smooth and flexible, but doesn't really get going until it is over 4500rpm, however it is very responsive for a non-turbo 2 litre engine from there to the red line.

It has been lowered and has quite stiff suspension and 205/15/55 directional tires, so it sticks to the road pretty good. It is really well balanced through higher speed corners (rated 65kmh and up), but tends to understeer in tighter slower corners. I would fit an adjustable rear anti roll bar to tighten the rear roll and improve turn in if I could, but it has torsion beam rear suspension, the twisting of the beam effectively acting as the anti roll bar.

The brakes are very sensitive and responsive, but will start to fade after 2 or 3 fast stops from 100kmhr.

Cabin is nice and comfortable, but could do with a little more arch and side support in the front seats. The rear seats are very good for a wagon and are even tilt adjustable.

Being a Japanese Import it is a bit short of sound insulation from the road and is a bit noisy on the chip seal, but not too bad.

All of the interior materials and plastics are extremely hard wearing and show virtually no signs of wear after 130000kms.

Overall a very good car, with the handling balance on tighter corners being my only real gripe.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2004

15th Mar 2004, 18:20

This seems to be a fairly well thought out review. I have recently bought an imported 2litre turbo diesel version - auto, I'm afraid as I could not source a manual. This review has given me a few pointers. Perhaps, it could have had more technical details.

8th Oct 2006, 03:22

Did you ever find the cause of the vibration?

3rd Oct 2007, 02:01

I own an Avenir GT4-S. It has proven to be a very practical wagon. Plenty of space in the rear, and the rear window opens, allowing you to really fill up the boot. The rear seats are tilt adjustable, and there are cup holders front and rear, and reasonable leg room. I have also noticed that the rear passengers sit higher in the back, allowing comfortable travailing.

Been the GT4-S version it has the Sr20DET engine. (Turbo). It has plenty of power and is also AWD, fitted with the Attesa system, which really drives you around the corners.

All and all this car has been the most practical, powerful and comfortable car I have owned, but could have done with more sound insulation.

As for fuel economy, in town driving it uses about 12 litres per 100km, and on the open road about 10/100km.