15th Feb 2008, 20:40

I have a 98 Avenir Salut X. It averages 12km/l (600km from 50L). I can get 13km/l if I really baby it and 11km/l if I really thrash it. Very impressed with the handling, these cars seem to share the same suspension as the 4wd turbo GT model.

Mine is the 1.8litre automatic (engine QG18DE). I'd have preferred a manual, but couldn't find a good one.

There is a diesel version called the Nissan Expert, it is a commercial van which looks similar from the outside, but has beam rear suspension, a flat rear floor and a basic vinyl interior. The engine is the YD22, which I would have bought if it came with the same interior and spec as the Avenir.

5th Mar 2008, 03:04

Hi guys, I replaced my engine (current engine QG18DE) with CD20 Turbo Diesel Engine. I think the Nissan Avenir comes originally with YD22 Diesel Engine. what I found was YD 22 engine is too noisy and lot of repairs. I decided to go ahead with cd20 diesel turbo. The car is running smoothly and there are some modifications you have to do in the electricals. If anybody has a Nissan Avenir service manual I'll be happy. -RanlFDO-

If anyone needs a Nissan b15 Sentra service manual let me know. Of course it's free.

28th Sep 2008, 07:00

Hello, I have 1999 Avenir, QG18 DE engine.

It's a nice car, this my second year of ownership, a month ago it started overheating and I could not achieve hot air in the cabin. Can anybody give me a solution please? Does anybody have an English version of the manual to help me please?


11th Nov 2008, 02:10

I have a 1998 Avenir Gt4-s, superb turbo wagon, the best I have owned, and I been through Caldina gt-t Legunm VR4 and scoobi doo GT, GTB's, by far the most reliable of them all, returns 8-10kms per litre.

1st Mar 2009, 02:46

Re: 8th Nov 2008:

I had a 1996 Nissan Praire Joy with "Power/Snow and standard" for auto transmission style. For the Avenir I expect it would be similar. (I current have a 99 Avenir Salut-Z 2ltr with CVT.) I presume that A/C is for standard everyday driving, POWER gives you more power before it shifts up to the next gear. e.g. will shift at 3500rpm instead of 3000rpm, and SNOW I presume gives different torque, or perhaps less power, to assist in driving in snow.

The button with Japanese on it in your AirCon/heater control area is probably the "outside temperature" button. Press that and is should show temp outside the vehicle, then after a few seconds should revert back to standard display or if you press the button again it will revert back. Hope that helps. :)

24th Jul 2010, 06:47

The auto settings are:

Snow, makes the car start in a higher gear to reduce wheel spin in slippery conditions.

Power, makes the auto change down sooner so the engine runs at higher rpm.

The button as already mentioned gives outside temperature. It's very handy in cold conditions as an ice warning.

21st Sep 2010, 00:00

I have just brought a Nissan Avenir Salut X 98, auto, it runs well and everything seems fine, no funny noises, though it does rev low when in idle.

3 separate times it has just idled so low that the car's turned off. Twice after I had just finished filling up with petrol, started it and went to drive off was when it turned off. The third time was when sitting in idle waiting for the lights to change.

Does anyone have any idea why this is? And if I should get this looked at ASAP?


18th Dec 2011, 12:33

I recently purchased a YD22 engine and harness from a Nissan B15, but having trouble locating its wiring diagram.

Does anyone have this information?

Mainly interested in wiring up the engine (ECU code: ZEXEL 23710 WD311)

Thank you in advance, my email: bigchief3679@yahoo.com

7th Oct 2013, 11:33

I am having the same problem. Did you find out what it was?

21st Oct 2013, 22:11

Yes. I have a diesel Nissan Avenir Salut X.