19th Sep 2002, 20:52

You bought the car with 240 OOO km on it so it is bound to have a lot of wear and tear already. The fact that you have to replace some parts is not out of the ordinary. Personally I try to find cars with low mileage if possible. I know if I buy something with high mileage I am sure to be confronted with lots of repairs.

23rd Apr 2003, 12:34

I have a 1991 AWD and it's the best car I've ever owned. I like its small size and economy coupled with the cargo space and the option of carrying extra kids (up to seven passengers).

The visibility is outstanding - other minivans feel like being in a cave. The seats are great - I can drive all day without getting tired.

I've had to replace the transmission, but that was because we were a bit ambitious and took a long trip towing a tent trailer. I expect some engine work soon because it has 200,000 k. Better check that timing belt...

14th Aug 2004, 00:11

I have owned 2 Nissan Axxess vans in the past 10 years, though some problems have happened no major problems with either van. I would buy another low mileage Nissan in a heartbeat. Axxess is one of the best SUV's ever produced.

17th Jan 2005, 17:55

I bought my '90 Axxess w. 190,000 km on it for $2000 CAD. It now has 273000 and I just got around to replacing the plugs. Lifters were noisy, but a couple of oil changes plus oil treatment made it run much quieter. I do all hwy driving. I love it - It's the best mini - minivan of all, but S. Ontario corrosion eats. I'm starting to have to reinforce monobody where the metal is crumbly!

23rd Mar 2005, 17:58

I bought an Axxess brabd new in 1991 and still own it. It now has 177,000 on it love the car, I am trying to get it to run to 300,000.

18th Apr 2005, 19:19

I bought an Axxess in 1999, with 200, 000 km on it. I'm still driving it now, although I've had some major repairs. When it got to about 270, 000 km, I had to replace the transmission, & I've also just replaced the engine (the timing skipped at 350, 000 km). This baby has done really well...

16th May 2005, 20:32

I posted the survey listing out all the repairs we did on our '90, U.S. Axxess (#160 production) which we get serviced in Richmond BC. Still love the car for its size, visibility, comfort, so much that high mileage repairs are worth it.

My friend in Surrey BC just test drove a Nissan X-Trail recently. What? I said, they don't got that here. Surprise, it's the same basic drivetrain as the Axxess, the 2.4L with FWD or AWD. And just like the Axxess, too bad they won't offer it here.

8th Sep 2005, 16:56

Why did Nissan stop making the ACCESS only after one year?

8th Sep 2005, 21:11

I don't think the Axxess sold very well...

16th Sep 2005, 09:57

I own a 93 axxess with 155000km on it. this car has fired up every day never gives me any kinds of problems other than regular maintenance items.recently, there, s been a squeaking sound coming from the front end, Nissan told me it, s the front end links $32.00 each pretty cheap repair.

This car has lots of room, good on gas and fires up every day, what more can you ask for.

6th Dec 2005, 16:53

Hi Axxess Owners... I just bought a 1992 Black Axxess, SE Model, AWD Automatic... It has 360,000+ Klms. When I test drove it I was so impressed with how it handled and the condition of the interior. I liked it so much I had BCAA inspect it and they came back with only MINOR suggested repairs. I eventually paid $2,000 for this minivan. We'll see if I made the right choice. I have Baby #3 on the way so 3 carseats in the rear bench. Even if I have to put another $2k into it I think it's a good deal because of the Usefulness we'll have as a 2nd vehicle. When compared to my other choices - Camry & Maxima - the Axxess has Ease of Access, ALL WHEEL DRIVE (a solid one at that), Power Windows, Sunroof and good power-to-weight ratio. Looking forward to posting more positive things. Judging by what I have read on this forum I should look out for timing chain skip and AWD Transmission Clutch failure.

11th Jan 2006, 13:40

I bought a 1991 Axxess 8 months ago and love it! It had 152,000 km on it when we bought it. We've had to have 2 of the fuel injectors replaced (used parts) but other than the usual maintenance, we haven't had any problems with it. (Knock on wood!) I love the size of the van and the fact that it has duel sliding doors. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one although I'm hoping to have this one for a few more years.

16th Jan 2006, 18:11

I live in Northern California and have had a 1990 Axxess for some nine years now. It's nearing 120,000 miles - seems to me it was in the high 80's when we purchased it from owners who had treated it very well. It's needed a bit of work recently, but at this age and mileage I can certainly forgive that. Most of the time it's been a grand little workhorse, does what I ask of it with few complaints. The only thing out of the ordinary is that the driver's side windshield wiper, of all things, has to be special-ordered from the dealer. The last time we did, we got a fabulous double-take from one of the salesmen as we drove onto the lot, and he immediately came trotting down the steps to get a look. Then we went to the service bay and I gave the required dimensions to the Nissan parts man - and he blinked and asked "WHAT are you driving?" I love this faithful little van, and I hope to drive it for a long time.

9th Jun 2006, 21:40

I just bought my 91 axxess for $300 with 179,000k. I'm hoping to get at least 300,000k out of it. The car has had a bit of a rough start with very little up keep, ill give her some tlc and see how she makes out.

20th Jul 2008, 11:39

I am considering buying a 1991 Axxess with 200,000 km on it. Body is straight, no rust and interior good condition. We have 4 dogs and it has tons of room! Having doors that open on both sides is also a great aspect of the vehicle.

I'm sure I'll have to do some repairs on it as it has high km reading but it's a great buy... 1200.00 Can't beat that.

10th Jan 2009, 06:05

I just bought a 1992 Nissan Axxess with just over 200,000 kms. Reason I bought it was the Mazda 5 was well out of my price league and this mini-minivan has all the right features.

There is some minor rust (Southern Ontario region) on the rear drivers quarter panel I have to deal with, and I'm trying to figure out what is the best way repair or replace it.

Aside from the rust on the quarter, the rest of the vehicle is in immaculate condition. The last owner had taken very good care of it.

I'm hoping to keep it for a while, and after the first tune up, the timing belt will be done.

I'll keep you all posted.