27th Apr 2009, 14:27

I bought a 1989 Axxess 6 months ago for $500. No idea how many miles it really has as the speedo does not work. It just bounces, unless it's cold then it works. I love the van. Though the parts are getting hard for me to find.

12th Sep 2009, 20:26

I just bought a 1990 Axxess 2WD automatic today at an auction for $850 before taxes and fees. It has 117,000km (70,000 miles) not bad for a car that's nearly 20 years old.

Don't know much about what it will need to be certified but it's in very good shape. Only a little rust on the passenger door. (southern Ontario area).

Parts of the exhaust have rusted away and it feels quite poky. I expect the Cat may be plugged. I'll be posting a review later.

14th Dec 2009, 08:18

I bought my '90 AWD Axxess 3 years ago with about 290,000 km on it (quick mental conversion from miles to km, being as I live in the US which continues to use the ridiculous English measurement system). After six months the clutch went; parts were a bit difficult to locate and the job cost $600.

I now believe the timing belt is skipping. What are the symptoms? There is a loud "slapping" sound and engine dies when vehicle is brought to a stop; engine oil warning light also flashes on even though it isn't low on oil. Afraid to drive it for fear of ruining engine. Does this sound like timing belt and what am I looking at for repair cost?

18th Jun 2010, 19:54

Hi Folks;

Interesting comments to me so far, and a fair amount of consensus about value.

I will only more or less add to that. I bought my AWD 1990 Axxess up in B.C. for $500 (270k kilometres / 168 K miles). Put a $150 muffler on it, a $600 water pump, thermostat regulator and oil change, and then when I got it down to the States, I added a catalytic converter for $100 (including labour) and 2 lower ball joints for $100 (including labor). I’ve put on at least 3000 miles on my run from Canada to the U.S.

I will most definitely keep my eyes peeled on timing chains.

Anyone know how much is that part for the Axxess – should I replace it pre-emptively?

I also love how the AWD drives in the rain. I have a FWD (same year) that I also bought for $500 10 years back, and have loved that too. It’s also quite grippy, but the AWD feels better so far.

I am having problems with leaky sunroof and will see who can fix it cheap. I also have a funky think with the wiper (sometimes it won’t work unless I start the back wiper, and then only with a minor wait). And the gloss on the pain is coming off in parts.

And I do have transmission issues (just like my other Axxess but with a variation). On my FWD Axxess, I have to warm it up for 10 minutes, then it’s great, shifts fine for the day. On the AWD drive, I have to drive it for 6 blocks or so at 20 mph, and then it’s fine, but only for a few hours.

Bottom line, I rescued a really cool surf car, and the pin stripes on it are right out of Tron. In fact I may single handedly bring back loud disco pin stripes, because of the car, which I classify as a sub mini van (years ahead of its time for interior space and small footprint)

Peace from Manhattan Beach, CA.

25th Sep 2014, 07:02

Does anyone still have an Axxess?

6th Jan 2015, 17:58

Yes - I have a 1990 beige Axxess in my driveway in Florida, but it hasn't been driven in a few years. Has a bit of rust on the side and back, but otherwise in fairly good shape. We loved it when we first got it, and drove it happily for many years.

We have had several people stopping by and ringing the doorbell asking to buy it over the past few years, and are wondering why. The latest person said he wants to fix it up with leather interior and all kinds of fancy stuff. Am now wondering if this is becoming worth something as a collector's car, or just something that some people like...

6th Jan 2015, 20:34

Anytime you have a vehicle, no matter what make or model, sitting around for a long time without being used, you are eventually going to get queries about selling it. What most of these askers are hoping for, though, is that you will be willing to sell it for $100 or even give it to them for free!

The Axxess is a rare sight on the roads now, as it was only sold in the US for one year (but for 5-6 years in Canada as the Nissan Prairie), so any still around are now 25 years old. Their susceptibility to rust means a lot of them have long since been discarded.

5th Apr 2015, 09:07

I just picked up a Axxess today and don't know anything about it, never seen one before, kind of ugly. It's in a garage in Los Angeles, all dusty with no keys or title. There were years of boxes and old phone books on its roof. I wouldn't have given it the time of day, but when I cleared a path to get in the passenger door to see the speedometer, I looked and couldn't believe my eyes when it read 0000084 miles! The interior is brand new and the rubber weatherstrip on the door is like new. It was an old man's car who recently passed away, and the real estate agent who is cleaning out the house called me and said come and get it.

24th Apr 2015, 20:37

Are you going to sell it?

13th Sep 2015, 01:21

Hi there, just bought a Nissan Axxess, but I am trying to get a rear right side glass for it. Any help will be fine. I just love this car. The engine runs great (sr20).

My email is anandsoodeen02@yahoo.com.

Anand Soodeen