Nissan Axxess reviews


Axxess 2.4

Glad I bought it, I'm hoping to hit 500,000km

127 words, North America



So so, buy with low mileage and sell it soon

110 words, North America, 21 comments


Axxess 2.4

A real sleeper, mileage not great, but practicality, reliability and price are tops

211 words, North America

Axxess SE 2.4

Great, reliable car

87 words, North America

Axxess 2.4

Neat mini minivan

170 words, North America


I love this little van, it may not be perfect,but it is reliable

52 words, North America, 1 comment


146 words, North America, 7 comments

Axxess XE 2.4

Bargain for a small van, but somewhat unreliable

205 words, North America, 5 comments