23rd Mar 2011, 22:02

I'm not the Cube owner, but I read Consumer Reports. Don't they recommend the Versa? My understanding is that the Cube is built on the Versa platform, so you'd think it would be a safe bet for solid car. Personally, I wouldn't go near one. I can't stand how it looks. The only boxy car that looks good to me is the Kia Soul.

24th Mar 2011, 16:37

Yes, you are right... The Versa and the Cube share the same platform.... along with about 11 other models that Nissan makes on that regular or stretched global platform ..... but understand that the Cube came out in 2009 and the Versa came out in 2007... if you look at the current history of many new Nissans, they are taking a little while to get some of the bugs out of some of their cars... whether new or redesigned ones... I believe the Cube will improve in reliability as time goes on...

Also the Kia Soul looks promising... but I would wait to see what the future reliability will be... maybe 1 or two years... Also to see if the square design has played itself out.... many manufacturers are coming out with new cars right now... but because they are new... no one is sure of their long term reliability... and breaking down in a car that you are still making payments on is no fun...

14th Jul 2014, 18:31

I like the Cube. They remind me of the Nissans that I see when we visit Bermuda. I would even consider buying one if they only offered it with AWD. They seem very practical.

16th Jul 2014, 17:43

Sorry to learn that Nissan is discontinuing the Cube in 2015. I like them much better than the Kia Soul - which is a huge seller.

19th Feb 2018, 00:10

It would have been a good idea to buy another SL1. They aren’t fancy, but they are dirt cheap and generally reliable.