2010 Nissan Cube S 1.8 from North America


Never had any issues


Nothing at all outside of fluid changes and new tires at 53000km.

General Comments:

The 6 speed manual is a must; we have an automatic Cube in the family as well and it lacks on the highway. Handling is more than adequate for a daily driver, I have never felt out of control even as a somewhat aggressive driver.

Compared to the 2010 xB and Kia Soul, vision is awesome and interior quality is much better than them as well. Seats are comfy and there is so much space; 5 healthy weight adults can honestly fit.

Stock stereo is surprisingly good; I haven't felt the need to change it out like I usually do.

Overall it's been a good A-B and a reliable road trip car (multiple 1000kms+ trips).

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Review Date: 28th February, 2018

2001 Nissan Cube 1.3 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A mini, utilitarian van for the city


- Rust appearing on doors.

General Comments:


- Loads of space for such a small car.

- Plenty of nooks and crannies to store things.

- Excellent fuel economy.

- Cheap to insure and keep on the road.


- Struggles to maintain highway speed.

- Uncomfortable for long trips.

- CVT transmission.

True to the name, the Nissan Cube utilises its shape to make the most of the available space. With the rear seats folded, the little wagon becomes a utilitarian van with a surprising amount of space. I have even managed to transport a bed in mine. The cube has many well thought out cubbies, hooks and shelves to pack away whatever you are carrying. The thing is very reliable too. It is unfortunately fitted with a CVT transmission, but I have yet to have any trouble with mine. (thankfully)

On the downside it doesn't keep up with highway traffic well, with the little 1.3L engine whining its way towards 100kph. I often find myself having to floor the poor thing so as to not inconvenience other road goers when merging into lanes. Mine is also showing signs of rust. It's also not very comfortable. The rear tends to bounce as all the weight is at the front and you don't want to take corners at speed. The upside to having a small engine is the fuel economy, and in that regard, it's the most frugal vehicle I've ever owned.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2017

2010 Nissan Cube SL 1.8L from North America


Very good vehicle, but it is what it is


The only repair I have had to have on this vehicle is replacement of the steering control, but it was a fairly costly repair that was not covered under warranty.

General Comments:

My Camaro Z28 was hit head-on while I was stopped making a left turn, and was a total loss. I had only a few days of rental vehicle, which was a Nissan Cube S model.

After driving the rental Cube, I came to appreciate the fuel economy, practicality, and overall driving experience. Compared to the Camaro, it felt a bit like driving a completely enclosed Golf-Cart (but in a good way!).

While searching for vehicles, I came across the Cube SL I drive now, and have not regretted the purchase. No, it does not do 0-60mph in 6.8 seconds, but for what it is, it is a very good vehicle.

The sound system is Rockford Fosgate, and is the best stock car stereo I have ever had in any vehicle. The A/C is quite good even on very hot summer days. I have had back surgery, and the seats are very easy on my spine. The Cube is exceptionally maneuverable, and will park in almost any location with ease, so I can categorically say I am very satisfied.

The only blemishes for the Cube are premature tire wear, and the experience I had making a trip to the store, finding the Cube would not start when I tried to return home, even though the battery was fully charged (turned out the electric steering control unit had died). The repair was just under $1000, and was no longer covered by the warranty.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2015