2011 Nissan Cube S 1.8 from North America



General Comments:

I am not an owner, but for a week and some 1500 miles in Southern California and AZ, I have rented one.

It gave me a good, long extended test drive.

My heart sank when they gave me this thing for a rental, but I have changed my opinion on the Cube.

First of all, it is extremely roomy. Luggage space is a little shy with the rear seats up, but cavernous with them down.

Seating room is incredibly roomy and comfortable.

The ride is soft, the steering and cornering are predictable, and it feels safe.

It is fun, relaxing and very enjoyable to drive.

The engine can be buzzy with the CVT, but even that grows on you.

I love the side opening rear door. Very cool. Reclining back seats? Are you kidding me? What a great feature.

Ingress and egress is very easy.

A great little car for day trips and urban driving.

The Bad:

Not really a highway cruiser. At speeds above 65, there is quite a bit of wind noise, as you would expect from a box on wheels.

It is more than adequate for power, I hit 90 mph on the interstate and it had more to go. I was actually surprised I was going that fast.

Sensitive to wind.

The looks have grown on me, and I have to say this little car has really impressed me. If you are thinking of buying one, do it.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2012

2011 Nissan Cube SL 1.8 from North America


Don't judge a book by its cover!


Nothing has gone wrong. It is a new car.

General Comments:

What a surprisingly serendipitous experience!

I test drove this car on a whim and BANG... I bought it!

I've already put it through its test course by driving it up to the interior of British Columbia, Canada from Abbotsford.

There were no hiccups, and the Xtronic CVT gearbox is quite a performer.

To say I love the Cube is an understatement! I am enjoying all the creature comforts from the technology package to the humongous headroom! It's like sitting in an empty concert hall in that little cutie. Fuel economy is up there in the top rated autos also. 45 miles per gallon on the highway is nothing to sneeze at!

This car is all about practicality, and for my line of work, it's perfect!!!

I gave this brand (first Nissan I've ever owned) top marks because it just feels right! I have a good feeling that I will be enjoying this ride for many years to come!

Drive one! You'll see why!

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Review Date: 25th December, 2011

11th Jul 2014, 23:51

That must be one heck of a 4 cylinder engine - getting 10 out of 10 in performance!

9th Aug 2015, 06:52

It is a performer alright. With over 210K kilometers on the engine, I've literally had zero issues with it.

I routinely change the synthetic oil, and performed a belt and spark plug change.

8th Sep 2015, 22:00

If you get 45 MPG at highway speed, I will eat my hat! I can get 40 MPG, but that is at a cruise control 58-60 mph. There is an odometer error, and thus an MPG error on the dash. I have to deduct about 2.2 MPG from the indicated MPG to get an accurate figure. Check your accuracy by driving from one mile marker to the next after you zero it at the first one.

31st Jan 2016, 05:43

We'll I'm surmising that the original review got that many MPG because it's Canadian and in imperial gallons. The latter probably US gallons being smaller, which is the difference in MPG...

2009 Nissan Cube SL 1.8 FI gasoline from North America


This car doesn't like me


Whoever installed the Command Start, bypassed the Factory Key-less entry incorrectly, so you did not need the Fob/Key to start the car. This was fixed kindly by the dealer when I purchased the vehicle (54760Km).

Shortly after my purchase, the fuel gauge stopped reading full, maxing out at 7/8th of a tank. Required replacing the fuel sending unit. Also covered by Nissan/Dealer (59970km).

Blower motor stopped working, Nissan had a private TSB about this problem, so even though it was no longer under warranty, it was replaced free of charge. I'm told it's a design flaw where mild weather allows moisture to get into the motor, and then freeze when it gets cold out (63450km).

Sometimes in the cold, my vehicle would not want to start. I always assumed it didn't like the cold. Until it happened on a beautiful +3 day in January. When it finally started, the drive-by-wire throttle failed (Nissan says it's a "fail-safe" feature) so the car would idle, but not move. Nissan had to put a whole new CVT into it. Which took about 2 weeks to arrive. Luckily it was again covered by the warranty and my dealer experience was excellent (64739km).

(Total warranty bills I signed for Nissan $7000+. If I had to pay those, I would have walked. I could buy 5 more Saturn SL1s for that price haha)

General Comments:

This car caught my eye on my trip to Japan several years ago. I loved its unique styling, that no other car has. When I heard they were coming to North America, I was quite excited. Being a student, I was unable to purchase a new one with the options I wanted. So I waited for a pre-owned unit to be available somewhere in Winnipeg.

In November of 2010 I found one, it was almost fully loaded (no leather, or mood light option) and very well priced, mostly due to the higher mileage of the unit. Considering the lowest mileage vehicle I had ever owned was my Saturn (which I got at 155000, now at 210000+ and I drive it daily) 55000 seemed very low.

The car appeared to be very well cared for, with a single chip in the paint just by the rear drivers fender lip, and the odd surface scratch on the interior.

It was love at first sight. I love almost everything about the car, the polarizing conversational looks. The smooth ride and sofa style seats remind me of 80's Cadillacs without the drawbacks.

The car handles well, though the steering is not sporty by any means. The car is very economical, and the engine, mated to the CVT, is spirited but still slow; a 2.0 engine would be great. The push button start is my favorite overall feature, with my favorite secret feature is the cheap to insure vehicle classification of "Sub-Compact".

The stereo is fantastic. I never get road rage as I sit with great visibility in a relaxed driving position with great tunes bumpin.

Now the bad news. The passenger window is very weak for a car 2 years old. It doesn't handle nice on icy roads; the the stability control has to kick in to save me even when it's nothing but icy highway and a gust of wind. The ABS is a little too sensitive, and the car really needs a little more power.

NOW these things are all fairly easy to overlook, and I like embracing new technology. I do prefer a manual gearbox, but the CVT was practical for the family.

I do drive my cars hard, and aggressively, however they are extremely well maintained; full synthetic oils, and even if my brake pedal is a bit spongy, I start changing parts to fix the problem. I wash the car every week and personally wipe/wax and spray an oil additive to prevent rust bi-monthly. The Saturn SL1 and the Astro Van I had (both GM) take to this treatment with outstanding reliability. The odd component fails on them, but when visually inspected it's clearly due to age.

I do a lot of research, and hearing so much about foreign reliability, I expected a lot... A LOT more from my Cube. I really want to like it, and I try to think I just got a bad apple. The dealer has been fantastic in handling every problem I experienced with the vehicle, but I've started to look at other vehicles, and I've only had this one 4 months (the Saturn is going on for its 4th year).

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2011

23rd Mar 2011, 10:06

Please read your annual Consumer Reports auto guide that comes out once a year in April before you buy any car out there... it will give you the good and bad of most cars made... Nissan had some problems with the new Cube, and hopefully they will get that car right...