2010 Nissan Cube from North America




Nothing has gone wrong with this car!

General Comments:

I love, love, LOVE my Cube. We bought it brand new, and have had ZERO problems with it since!! I'm coming up on 60,000 miles and have only had to change the oil. This car is perfect for our family of 4. We are able to put a bike rack on the exterior, and fit 2 snowboards in the storage area easily. Great for every day use, road trips, and just FUN to drive!

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Review Date: 21st April, 2013

27th May 2013, 20:03

It's one of the worst looking cars ever made. Looks like something the Cat in the Hat would drive.

1st Jun 2013, 06:50

I don't see a point in commenting about some personal preferences.

2nd Jun 2013, 23:16

It looks better than the Juke...

20th Oct 2015, 18:30

I see the point. It was a brilliant point, very apt, with a wry sensibility to popular culture. There's no need to take it personally.

Hey, wait a minute! Nobody leaves this room!

... are you... the Cat in the Hat?

25th Oct 2015, 18:13

Still, not as goofy-looking as the Suzuki X-90...

2009 Nissan Cube SL 1.8 from North America


Decent car... so far


Back door leaks, defective first horn that failed after two years. Car alarm is way too sensitive.

General Comments:

My fiance fell in love with this car when one of her best friends bought one. I was skeptical until I drove it. It has a nice sure footed ride, and fairly comfortable seats. Plenty of room, except for luggage, and good acceleration. I love the cup holder up high on the driver's side of the dashboard, but wonder why they didn't put one on the passenger side. The sound system is great.

My worries are that problems I'm beginning to notice may get worse. The blower fan makes noises now and then, and the engine/transmission is making noises when cold. Thankfully Nissan has extended the transmission warranty, because as the sales manager told us when we purchased the car, "they've had a few problems with the CVT".

Our first horn failed after about two years, and when the replacement was installed, we realized the original one had been defective because it was too quiet.

My pet peeves about this car are as follows: The static charge and shock I get every time I get out of it, the keyless entry system that never seems to work the same way twice, the automatic climate control system (why does it ALWAYS turn on the A/C unit even in winter), the poorly placed iPod plug in location, the useless visors, a way too sensitive car alarm, and the tiny poorly placed arm rest that's useless to me.

If you ask my fiance how she feels about the car, she would have a much different view than mine here; she really likes her "Zippy" as she named it.

I've owned two Nissans now, and my son has a Versa. My general opinion is they're just OK, but since a bad experience with the dealership we bought the Cube from, I don't plan on buying another Nissan. I don't know if we'll keep this car until it's paid for; it may be about time to unload it before real issues crop up. We'll see.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2013

2011 Nissan Cube S 1.8 from North America



General Comments:

I am not an owner, but for a week and some 1500 miles in Southern California and AZ, I have rented one.

It gave me a good, long extended test drive.

My heart sank when they gave me this thing for a rental, but I have changed my opinion on the Cube.

First of all, it is extremely roomy. Luggage space is a little shy with the rear seats up, but cavernous with them down.

Seating room is incredibly roomy and comfortable.

The ride is soft, the steering and cornering are predictable, and it feels safe.

It is fun, relaxing and very enjoyable to drive.

The engine can be buzzy with the CVT, but even that grows on you.

I love the side opening rear door. Very cool. Reclining back seats? Are you kidding me? What a great feature.

Ingress and egress is very easy.

A great little car for day trips and urban driving.

The Bad:

Not really a highway cruiser. At speeds above 65, there is quite a bit of wind noise, as you would expect from a box on wheels.

It is more than adequate for power, I hit 90 mph on the interstate and it had more to go. I was actually surprised I was going that fast.

Sensitive to wind.

The looks have grown on me, and I have to say this little car has really impressed me. If you are thinking of buying one, do it.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2012