2006 Nissan Frontier SE 4.0 V6 from North America


Smooth reliable strong truck with a lot to offer in a smaller package


I bought the truck from a dealer in Winnipeg, Canada. They installed the daytime running lights since it was a US truck.

The daytime running lights relay went. I could fix it myself, however I prefer the option to have the lights off when needed.

Nothing else went wrong with the truck so far..

General Comments:

Very strong 265HP engine.

Not bad on fuel considering it's power.

Very reliable, never plugged it in all winter and always started.. our winters go down to even -50 and more..

Very smooth ride.. Prefer it over my previous 345HP Dodge Ram..

Pulled 16ft trailers full of furniture along with the bed, and can still get through traffic with ease..

Passing people on highways is a breeze.. when passing individuals going 100km/hr I usually end up at 140-160km/hr by the time I pass them.. Very quick.

4x4 designed very well.. had my trucks frame dragging snow with bare tires and still didn't get stuck..

Interior very comfortable and the truck heats up quick in Winter.. (5-10 minutes) in -50 weather..

Most powerful truck in its class with the best fuel economy.. 265HP @ 19mpg.. the Dodge Dakota V8 is the closest rival and only sits at 261HP @ 14mpg.

Very satisfied.. Will drive the truck till the panels fall off..

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Review Date: 6th February, 2009

2006 Nissan Frontier SE 4.0 from North America


This is the best truck out there for the money


Front drive shaft worn out at 57000, replaced under 60K power train warranty.

General Comments:

I love the acceleration of this truck. It feels nimble and agile unlike many of the full size trucks and sport utilities. It also has great towing capability.

The Frontier has excellent reliability, and the one problem was fixed at no expense.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2008

2006 Nissan Frontier SE 4X4 Crew Cab 4.0L V6 from North America


Buy it. Period


There is a mild squeak near the front bumper that I have not been able to find, and there is a bit of bump steer on the at freeway speeds, but nothing too serious.

General Comments:

Although I have only put just over 2000 miles on the truck since I bought it, I absolutely love it and would buy the same truck again!! The 265HP V6 will blow the doors off almost any (if not all) stock V8 trucks out there, and passing vehicles while going 50-70MPH is an absolute breeze. Press the accelerator down an inch and you're gone! The truck handles firmly like a truck should, but not too stiff like older model domestics. I have not noticed any body roll while cornering at speed either. Visibility is very good from the driver's seat, even with the tinted windows. I average about 19.5 MPG with 60% freeway driving. The sound system is good, but not what I would call "premium". I am 6'1" and there is plenty of room for me, front or back, and getting a car seat in/out is easy and comfortable. The dash is nicely laid out, and the plastic in the interior does not feel "cheap". I test drove a 2004 Frontier and a 2004 Tacoma and found them both to be too small inside and grossly underpowered. Test drove a 2005 Frontier, loved it, and settled for the 2006 I have now. Considering how much I liked the newer Frontiers, and the price difference, I did not even test drive a newer Taco.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2007

21st Nov 2008, 10:32

Thanks for the update. Keep us posted on how your truck holds up. Its nice seeing updates from owners rather than just the first entry at low miles. Good luck on your truck.

21st Jun 2009, 22:01

Update #2... 48000 miles and still running strong. I have kept up with regular fluid changes, and did have to replace the fuel sending unit/level sensor (all one unit and currently no aftermarket parts available yet so had to pay stealership price!!) Total cost to replace was just under $700.00 CDN. The mechanic I use told me that the dealership said they have been "selling quite a few of those"...

The paint on the plastic valence under the grill began to show a couple of small bubbles a few months ago. Now, 95% of the paint on it has peeled off. Appears to be a bonding issue with the primer and paint as the primer (or maybe just bare plastic?) surface is fine.

Changed the front brakes at 42000 miles. I don't drive it hard and thought it was a little early to need to replace them. Cost, $90.00 CDN for the parts.

Total repairs to date after 2.5 yrs ownership = $790.00, not including scheduled fluid changes.