26th Jun 2009, 01:33

I have a 06 Frontier with 42000 miles. For the record, this truck is fast. But going in and out of 4 wheel drive by itself is some bull. I took it to the shop today cause the check engine light was on, air did not work, nor did the fuel gauge. It needs an A/C comp, it needs a fuel level sensor and the 4 wheel drive switch is gone bad. $1800.00 bucks, that's bull crap. But truck is fast. Wow I have a 98 Silverado with 149000 miles and its lifted 6 in with 35s, and I have never changed a thing but the brakes. Buy American. Not Japanese crap.

21st Mar 2010, 00:05

Another update to original post:

Truck is still running strong. Starts and runs like it did the day I bought it. Current mileage is 59500 miles. Had to replace one U-Joint on the front drive shaft recently. One hinge on the tailgate broke - haven't replaced it yet.

5th Sep 2010, 22:47

Yes, the black trim around the wipers is faded. Armor all brings it back some though.

There have been a few problems that required transmission replacement, but research on the web indicates that the stock radiators are not reliable. There have been problems with the tranny cooling lines inside the radiator cracking, allowing coolant to seep into the transmission cooling lines, and back into the transmission itself. One cup of coolant in the tranny is enough to toast it, and you won't get any warning. The only preventative fix is to install an aftermarket transmission cooler and take the rad out of the loop. I'm sure it is not cheap to do, but far cheaper then a transmission for sure.

17th Oct 2010, 18:49

My 2006 Frontier has all of the same problems as the others. The fuel sending unit went at about 50k, but the problem I have is the throttle module went out 2 weeks into owning it from the dealership. The truck went wide open. All of the pulleys flew off about a month after I bought it. Belt tensioner went out at 60k.

I fixed the fuel sending unit myself for $145 and 30 minutes of time. Nissan sells the sending unit by itself for that price.

My transmission started stuttering going into overdrive at 95k miles. Yes it was the radiator issue and cross contamination. My truck came with an external trans. oil cooler already. So I took the internal one out of the loop and re routed some lines. I flushed the trans. and coolant at my house and it fixed the problem. Saved some serious bucks. It was not hard to do any of it.

My truck model is an LE if this helps.

12th Jan 2011, 16:18

I had my 06 frontier 4x4 crew cab since Nov. 1st 06 right off the show room floor.

Within 2 weeks the paint at the bottom front corner of the box wore off and started to rust.

Front brakes at 40 000 km and front u joint.

Fuel sending unit at 80 000 km.

Both front wheel bearings, lower ball joints, stabilizer links and alignment with all the extra camber bolts at $90 cdn a side at 126 000 km. Be prepared the truck does not have any rust under it but all bolts were seized and had to be cut off. They ended up changing the lower control arms after all that.

Recalls are coming now, ecm relay and a few I forgot.

It is a fast sturdy truck; just waiting for style to change and will get a new one.

14th Jul 2012, 16:51

Would you be able to give me detailed info on how to do the work?