23rd Feb 2010, 23:08

Another update: Now with 340,000 miles and yep, original owner. It is still beaten and abused every day delivering pizza.

Right now though, the transmission is once again failing as the constant redline powershifts have taken their toll on it. I also had to replace the clutch once again at around 337,000 miles (4th clutch now). At that time, I also had to replace the driveshaft hanger bearing.

Right now though, I am researching new smaller cars with better fuel economy as a possible replacement. I will still keep it as a utility vehicle, but not as a delivery vehicle.

While it still runs and drives, it needs a lot of work to bring it back to 100%, and I feel that the money would be better spent on a down payment for a new, cheap, small hatchback.

What is currently wrong with it? Well, the steering box leaks, the transmission is failing, the transmission mount is failing ($70 for a rubber mount!), the starter is going, it needs 4 tires, an alignment and a new windshield. All in all, around $1500 in repairs.

I feel that if I keep using it, it will have a catastrophic engine failure sooner or later due to the extreme nature of how it is driven.

9th Apr 2010, 15:36

Wow - I hope mine lasts as long. Mine has 71,000 miles and also runs great. Good luck.

15th Jun 2010, 15:28

I have a 2000 XE 5 Speed, 167000 miles, all original with the exception of the alternator (and upper radiator hose, which developed a small leak that dripped down into the alternator).

Most of the miles on this truck were put on it with about 800 to 1200 pounds of tools and parts in the bed.

Burns no oil, leaks no oil. Still getting 25mpg at freeway speeds. The 2.4L engine is bullet proof. If you can find one with under 100k miles, get it. It will last longer than you want to drive it.

9th Apr 2011, 15:40

EXCELLENT REVIEW!!! I have 145,000 miles on my Hardbody, and have had no major issues. I'm getting ready to install a tow hitch to see what this little guy will do. I have the Aztec Red Ex-cab 2wd 5sp. 150,000 miles possibly left for mine? Who knows? But the PO was a retired Texas State Trooper who had it dealer serviced. I love Nissan trucks!!!

Good luck with your truck!! Post back if you make it to 400,000.