1998 Nissan Frontier XE KA24DE 4 cylinder from North America


The most durable thing I have ever owned!


3 batteries.

Broken torsion bar at 150,000.

First alternator at 180,000.

Starter at 260,000.

Transmission at 245,000.

Original clutch at 205,000 miles.

A/C compressor clutch and cycling switch at 125,000.

Water pump at 190,000.

Steering wheel and driver's seat replaced at 250,000 due to wear, and door strikers and window seals done at that time as well.

White paint peeled severely and was repainted by owner after 8 years.

Both crank seals and valve cover gasket have been replaced in the last 50k miles; now has no leaks.

Cracked exhaust manifold at 260,000.

Currently needs upper control arms.

General Comments:

The most amazing ownership experience I could ever hope for. Built like a tank, it takes severe abuse like no vehicle I have ever owned. The majority of the miles were delivering pizza, and very few are highway.

It has 160psi of compression in all 4 cylinders after more than 1/4 million miles (spec is 150-178psi), uses 1/4 quart of oil between changes, despite getting close to 300k miles.

Like most 90's Nissan's, if you take reasonably good care of it, it will last almost indefinitely.

It is not a good handling truck, but if that is what you are looking for, buy a sports car.

It is pretty good on gas (22-24mpg city), has very comfortable seats and doesn't break down all that often. I would highly recommend this truck to anyone looking for solid transportation - but go find your own. This one is mine and I am never getting rid of it!

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Review Date: 4th August, 2007

27th Sep 2008, 01:55

I am the original poster of this review, and figured I would add an update. I just passed 300,000 miles in September of 2008, and it continues to be a very good little truck. It currently has a power steering leak due to a worn box (needs fluid every 3 weeks), and is in need of another compressor clutch for the A/C because it is slipping. This is a common issue on these trucks, but not by any means something that will disable the vehicle. In the last year it has spent most of it's time delivering pizza again and covers around 2700-3000 miles a month. I had one minor break down due to an aftermarket oil pressure gage tee that I had installed which broke off in the block. I fixed it in a few hours and was back on the road the next day. The crank seals leak a bit once again, and it now goes through a quart every 3,000 miles. All in all, not anything to complain about considering just how good it has been. After all, even the best high mileage vehicle will have a few faults now and then.

1998 Nissan Frontier XE 2.4 DOHC from North America


I love it!!


Idler pulley seized up.

Belts wore out.

Air bag light is on.

Check engine light is on.

Main drive pulley is shot.

General Comments:

This truck is incredible, I have jumped it, went off roading with it. I have put a lot of KS on it and it has had minimal maintenance issues.

The air bag light came on and the check engine light is on.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2007

1998 Nissan Frontier King Cab SE 4x4 2.4L 4 Cylinder from North America


Excellent truck for the money


Driver's Side window weatherstripping cracked.

4WD never would shift the first time "on the fly" as the manual said it could; once it had been shifted into 4wd once it could be moved back and forth from 2 to 4 at will when moving.

General Comments:

This was my second new truck from Nissan. Was very reliable and also one of the cheapest brand new 4x4's out there when I bought it. Loaded with every option imaginable in 1998 including a sunroof, which I miss.

Seats were semi-uncomfortable for real long trips, but fine for every day driving.

Gas mileage was disappointing for a 4 cylinder truck, even a 4wd; it barely got 18mpg on the highway (I have a full-size Nissan Titan now that gets close to that and it's a V8 crew cab 4wd).

Changing the oil filter was irritating, because the only way to get at it without a lift was to turn the wheels all the way to the right and pull off the inner wheel well rubber shields. After pulling the shields off a few times the plastic plugs that hold them in were breaking.

Otherwise, this truck was fantastic to own. Until I bought my latest truck I was very sorry to ever have sold it. The quality of it was fantastic compared to all the other trucks I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2004

27th Aug 2010, 22:26

What I find works to fix the oil filter annoyingness is to take the shield and cut a nice big hole in it. Drill some screws into it with a plastic cover for the hole, so now you turn the wheel all of the way right, remove the plastic cover, and take the oil filter out!