28th May 2008, 22:07

I bought my first Ford Pickup and my last. It likes transmissions after three. I'm just now buying my first used Nissan 1998 Frontier with 129,000 miles for 4200; red, very clean, nice straight body.

Can anyone tell me anything about the ten dollar high performance chips they're offering on eBay. They say the help and add up to 60 hp? They are just plug ins. They say five minutes and they're in. Any body can install them they say? Who knows?


21st Jun 2008, 22:20

A few years ago I had a '98 Frontier King Cab. It was a 4cyl. 4x2. Excellent compact truck. The 150hp 2.4L 4cyl had plenty of pep for day to day driving and carrying loads in the back. I even towed a small trailer carrying a racing go-cart and all its gear with two 200lb. passengers (one squeezed in the back jumpseat). I was amazed how strong it felt for only being 4cyl, although trying to get up to 70mph on the highway was a long, strained process. Once there, it cruised in top gear very nicely. No engine or transmission troubles whatsoever in 130k and it still ran fantastically. A definite recommendation from me. They might be more costly to buy used than a Ranger, but at least you won't have a prematurely failed automatic transmission like my Dad's pampered '03 Ranger with 75k miles. Those are underpowered for their engine sizes and have too many problems, besides guzzling fuel like a V8.

10th Nov 2008, 23:43

Very, very good truck. Bought by '98 Frontier back in 2000, almost 9 years later it's up to 185000 with very few problems, relatively speaking. In all I think I've only replaced the steering gear (power steering leak), one tie rod end, one leaf spring (my fault, driving down one heck of a dirt road), Evap canister purge control valve (clogged with charcoal from the canister), and front parking brake cable. Even the rear brakes are still original and only the second set of fronts. With the salt they put on the roads up here in NY during the winter time, the body and frame have held up exceptionally well, and it has less rust on it than my father's 2005 Ford Ranger! Not to mention my 32 mpg! I'll never find another truck like this one again.

2nd Jan 2010, 11:57

I have a 1998 Nissan Frontier XE extended cab, and it has 207,000 miles on it and hasn't been in the shop once. It's the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned, and I love everything about it. Still original clutch and all. Wouldn't want another type of car except Nissan after this truck.

2nd Jan 2010, 16:10

I own a 2000 Frontier King Cab XE 4cyl 2wd with 139000 miles. I bought it used with 48000 miles in 2005 from Florida.

This truck is stone reliable! The only issues I have had are leaking upper radiator hose that damaged the regulator in the alternator. I also had to replace a failed fan clutch.

One outer tie rod failed (replaced all inner and outer tie rod ends for piece of mind).

One set of front brake pads at 94k.

I change oil and filters at 5k intervals, air and fuel filters at factory service intervals. Belts, spark plugs and cap/ rotors as needed.

I love this truck, and I am afraid I won't be able to replace it with anything as simple and reliable when the time comes.

1st May 2010, 22:25

I wish I had the same luck with my 98 Nissan 2.4 2wd. It was pretty reliable and still is, but now I get the dreaded torque converter solenoid code (1776). Had the tranny rebuilt and solenoid replaced, but still causes the service engine light to go on, which means I can't get it inspected.

Update: Issue turned out to be Valve Body needing to be replaced. It has the governor built onto it.

9th Jul 2010, 11:09

I have a 1998 Frontier XE 2wd, 4cyl 5spd. with 146,000 miles on it. This truck is very reliable, I don't drive it everyday, and sometimes it'll sit for a week between uses, but it doesn't complain - fires every time and goes to work.

I highly recommend this truck, and I am considering a 4X4 Frontier for my next truck.

2nd Aug 2010, 21:07

I've bought my 98 Frontier 4x4 King Cab XE 5yrs ago with 108k miles. It just turned 201k this week. I can't complain about it at all.

I live in Indianapolis and have made more than a dozen trips to Knoxville, TN and two runs to Charleston, SC.

It has only left me stranded once when the original alternator gave up its ghost (it was my fault, I knew it was going & just didn't have the funds to spare).

I hope to put another 100k on it after I get the clutch (that has been slipping these last 20k) replaced. Until then I'll keep drivin' it like I stole it, and it'll keep gettin' me where I point it!

23rd Jul 2011, 11:33

I purchased my 1998 Nissan Frontier in 2001 with 82000 miles on it. I just recently passed 141000.

The issues I have had with this truck are as follows:

Complete front brake replacement, my own fault, knew they were going out, did nothing to fix till they completely went out.

Had a new windshield wiper motor installed, power steering hoses and alternator. And that is it.

Best vehicle I have ever owned. Drives and starts like a champ. The time is coming to replace it with a bigger vehicle. Would definitely buy another.

3rd Sep 2011, 08:28

Can be repaired. Google Mr. Whizard Technical Services.

3rd Nov 2011, 19:20

I have a 98 Frontier. It's been great. I have owned 3 so far, but am having trouble with it cutting out when driving, and it wants to die when idling. Replaced both O2 sensors, and spark plugs. Anybody had this problem or can help? Oh yeah, my plug for computer is not working.