20th Nov 2009, 07:30

You do realize that your truck is nearly 15 years old, don't you?

I'm happy to hear that Toyota stepped up to the plate with their rusting frames issues, but I'm also rather surprised.

I would think that you would be on your own with any vehicle after a reasonable period - say 10 years.

21st Dec 2010, 11:31

I own a 1995 Nissan King Cab 4WD pickup, and I also have major rust issues, especially with the frame. I bought the truck in 1999 with 23,378 miles on it.

I am an automotive technician and have been working as a Nissan specialist for the past 20+ years with some of that time at a Nissan dealer. I take care of my vehicle exceptionally well and have an excessive amount of rust on the frame of my truck, as well as areas that have rusted through to a point where I had to weld in sections of steel plate to the frame in many areas.

As a person who works on vehicles for a living, I have to say that this rust issue would not be considered normal wear & tear, it is definitely a problem that I would consider a defect in the material used. My truck frame is also rusting severely from the inside out, to a point where chunks of rusted metal falls out. I'm not happy about this rust issue as it will force me to stop using this vehicle sooner than I should need to.

21st Dec 2010, 14:12

I don't have a truck, but a 95 Pathfinder XE wd21. I have had to replace the entire back side of the frame since taking ownership of it. By back side, I mean from the coil perch's back, and now it's rusting out around the engine mounts, and at the drop in the frame on the front.

It's been a good little SUV, but the frame rust caught me off guard, as I had the frame break twice driving down the road.

26th Nov 2011, 10:29

My 95 Hardbody frame doesn't have any rust at all. Nothing. It's now 17 years old. You should give up on your lawsuit of ancient Hardbodies... nothing lasts forever.