1995 Nissan Hardbody Pickup XE 3.0 V6 from North America


Most reliable vehicle I have owned


Turn signals blowing fuses.

Front brakes locked up.

Speedometer cable broke.

A/C doesn’t blow cold.

General Comments:

This has been the most reliable truck I have ever owned. The speedometer cable broke at 227k, causing the odometer and cruise control to stop as well, so the actual miles are a guess. The only time the truck has left me stranded is when the front brakes locked up. I replaced both front hoses and have had no trouble since.

The truck does have a lifter tick. It has been around for 100k. The truck uses a little oil, but I just keep a check on it. I drove out to Nebraska for work (from North Carolina) and back, with no issues. I have put a lot of miles on the truck since I have owned it, and I have never worried about it.

Now with 300k+ it is a little tired, but still pulls thru all gears. 4WD is excellent. The 5 speed still shifts smooth and is tight. I am seriously impressed with how comfortable the truck is to drive, and how the seats have held up. No rips, tears, or really any noticeable wear at all.

Hopefully by the summer I will find the time to fix the A/C. Compressor will engage when jumped, full of Freon, won’t blow cold?

Overall, an awesome truck that I highly recommend.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2018

15th Mar 2019, 18:05

I am curious as to how the speedo cable broke at 227k miles when you purchased it at 250K miles.

16th Mar 2019, 16:26

Maybe he looked through the folder of receipts from the previous owner. Speedometer cable replacement noted. Anyone that buys my overzealous cream puff cars has a history from day 1. Buyers love seeing highly detailed maintenance (every repair, every oil change receipt). I am not quite as bad as my one relative that does 1 year auto leases.

17th Mar 2019, 13:31

"overzealous" meaning "overpriced"?

17th Mar 2019, 19:22

True, I like to patronize our local new car dealership. Could probably do better buying on the cheap. Buy on the service, not just price.

1995 Nissan Hardbody Pickup SE 3.0 V6 from North America


Very dependable small truck!


Front ball joint at 120,000.

Tune up at 115,000.

Tires at 110,000.

Leaky gas line around 120,000.

General Comments:

Wish I still had this truck, mine was a rare V6 manual 2wd Kingcab. I haven't seen another one, usually all the options or none. This car had great bucket seats with a small standard steering wheel and strong gearbox. There was no doubt that you were in gear, smooth clutching and power steering. I liked it a lot. I wish they still made trucks this size, it wasn't trying to be a big truck, just right. Highway cruising was nice with its longer body and plenty of power.

My friends all loved the truck, it was so boxy, the V6 had pull that non-car people aren't familiar with, and I could hang the tail out whenever I wanted to. Many a person learned to drive manual in this beast.

By far the best piece on this truck is the body; the door makes a satisfying "thump" when you close it. The interior is basic, but was robust; nothing budged or wiggled.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2016

1995 Nissan Hardbody Pickup XE 3.0 V6 from North America




Nothing so far, it starts every time and runs like a top.

General Comments:

Handles, rides and sounds OK, it's sort of loud, bumpy and floaty. But it is fun to drive, kind of car-like, with a nice size bed on the back.

Really like the V6; I typically get around 20 in the city and I recently got 23 MPG on a trip with no weight in the back. On the trip back, there was a 500 lb motorcycle in the back, and the power was fine, but it brought me down to 19 MPG.

The interior is a little outdated, but in new condition here 20 years later. The 5 speed is still tight and very easy to drive.

I like this truck better than the last 2 S10s I've had, and it reminds me of my old 1986 4Runner.

I plan to keep this 2wd 5 speed V6 pickup for as long as I can; it holds all the characteristics that most people need in a pickup, without many of the drawbacks.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2012