1995 Nissan Hardbody Pickup XE 2.4 from North America


Great first time vehicle especially for teens


Water pump had to be replaced.

Squeaks up front around the steering/suspension area if I hit a bump. I know it's not the shocks; it's more like a metal grinding sound.

Alternator had to be rebuilt (probably due to high powered sound system)

Light in the air conditioning louver control/fan speed dash area has been out for a long time now. It would work every now and then, but then just completely quit so I'm thinking it's the wiring and not the bulb.

Clutch "whines" a little while sitting at a stop in first gear now, but it's probably the throw out bearing going bad after 150K miles.

Bright lights don't exactly work anymore. When I push the switch forward only one will come on and the blue light in the dash that tells you that your brights are on doesn't come on anymore either.

Speedometer quit working at one time and would work every now and then when it wanted to.

General Comments:

Other than the few very small problems I've had (mostly electrical and not very important anyway) this has been an excellent running truck. I have always taken very good care of it mechanically and in cleanliness never taking it off-road or really punishing the engine except for a few times. It was my first (bought it new at 15 in 95) and only vehicle I've ever had even 10 years later at 25. I'm not really sure if I'd wanna get rid of it now considering it's been so good and dependable, but I would like a new vehicle considering this is all I've ever had and for 10 years at that.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2005

1995 Nissan Hardbody Pickup XE 4 cylinder from North America


The little truck that could. Great BUY


Tape deck stopped working last year.

Replaced with Ebay used deck for $20.00

Sunvisors both broke and rearview mirror fell off.

Bed developed rust spot around 1 yr after owning.

Center caps on wheels fall off pretty easy.

Headliner drooping after 9 yrs.

General Comments:

Even though all these things are listed, I have never had a minutes trouble from this vehicle. I tagged a deer in 1998 and had the front grille and hood replaced along with some stuff up front. Besides the week that it took to repair it, I haven't been without this truck. Most reliable and I think that it's going to last a lot longer.

Pulls a 16 foot trailer with 30 horsepower tractor with no problems at all. Hard to find junkyard parts for these because anyone that has one is driving it or fixing it up to drive.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2005

1995 Nissan Hardbody Pickup XE King Cab 2.4L 4 cylinder from North America


Utility of a truck with the handling of a sedan


Steering was a little loose, but only after having been repaired for serious front end damage.

Catalytic Converter replaced, also from previously mentioned damage.

Tires replaced around 100k. I had the wide tires so it was $100 each (ouch).

Around 105k I had to replace all the belts and an idler pulley. Pulley seemed a tad expensive for a "little wheel".

General Comments:

I loved this truck, it seriously drove like a sedan. You didn't have that heavy feeling that most trucks give. The 4cyl engine sounds small at first, but I found acceleration to be more than adequate.

Hauling wasn't bad either. I once loaded a full ton of gravel for a job and this little Nissan took it like a champ. I also used it to haul a U-Haul trailer when my girlfriend moved for school. The 2.4L engine didn't have a problem here either.

One benefit of the smaller engine was mileage. I found myself averaging about 20 in city/ 24 freeway. Anyone who's owned a truck knows this is pretty good.

My only real complaint dealt with cab space. With the King cab you do technically have four seats (which I was forced to use on occasion) but it's really only meant for two people. You can carry three comfortably, but not for a long trip.

However, for those two people in the front seat the ride is fantastic. If my brother hadn't totaled my poor Nissan I would probably driven it until it died on its own.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2005

20th Jun 2005, 09:50

Dear fellow Nissan owner

I have a 2000 Altima GXE. The dealer just replaced the drive belts, and now I hear a noise that the dealer claims is the idler pulley. Funny, there was no noise prior to the belt change. Anyway, they want $245 to change the pulley. Seems very high for a $30 part. How much did your pulley replacement run?