6th Apr 2006, 11:47

My 97 XE 4X4 had 131,000 miles and I decided to replace the original chain. I'm in auto mechanics in high school, so I did it myself. It cost a $100 for all parts needed including oil and filter. I got the job done in about 2 days working about 2.5 hours a day. I skipped many of the unessecary steps to replace it like jacking up the engine and unbolting the motor mounts and taking out the oil pan. It runs fine and now has 132,189 miles. Great truck except for lifter noise{occured before chain replace} and bad gas mileage{10MPG} I beat on it though a lot.

29th Aug 2006, 10:04

I cannot help with the timing chain, but with the lifter noise my mechanic told me that it is dirt in the lifters. The way to clean the lifters out is... when you do an oil change, replace 1 litre of engine oil with transmission fluid! Drive as normal changing oil at your regular interval. I thought my mechanic was crazy. He said the transmission oil is a high pressure lube and will clean the lifters out. He was right. My Nissan purrs like a kitten! Good luck! Steve.

29th Aug 2006, 10:18

I did want to add it's 1 litre of automatic transmission fluid to your engine oil change to clean out the lifters. Steve.

31st Oct 2007, 12:26

OK.. so as far as the diesel noise happening.. I just had that problem with my truck. It just so happened that my truck didn't have any oil in the engine at all. All that needed to be done, was to pour 2 quarts of 10w-30 oil in to it with a half a quart of automatic transmission fluid.. odd as it may sound, the tranny fluid acts as a detergent for the interior of the engine.. after it is all in, let the truck run for about 10 minutes, holding it at about 2,500 rpm for a minute and a half after the first 5 minutes, then just continue to let it idle.. the noise should start to subside.. drive the truck for the next day like you normally do. Then MAKE SURE TO CHANGE THE OIL THE NEXT NIGHT WITH A NEW OIL FILTER.. your problem should be solved, if it doesn't then your hydraulic lifters have gone bad..