1993 Nissan Hardbody Pickup Base 2.4 four cylinder. from North America


This truck is reliable


The cheap timing chain guide broke at 122000 miles. The dealer quoted $1200 to replace it. I bought the parts from Auto zone for around $150 and replaced the guide, tensioner and chain myself. I also replaced the fan clutch at around 110000 miles. Other than that nothing has gone wrong with this truck.

General Comments:

I love this truck. It was previously owned by a friend so I knew how it had been treated when I bought it from him. I plan on keeping this truck until at least 200000 miles. It is ultra reliable. I average around 31 miles per gallon. The power curve on these trucks really goes up with higher rpm. If you keep a 2wd at around 55, you will get great mileage.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2003

1993 Nissan Hardbody Pickup SE 4X4 4 cylinder from North America


Great truck for the price!!


The starter slowly went out on me at about 120,000. It gave me ample warning that it was about to do this. The cost of the starter was $103 with a lifetime limited warranty. I changed it myself in about 20 minutes.

The muffler had to be replaced at about110,000. It cost $105.

The tailgate latch broke and cost $40.

The clear coat paint is peeling on the hood and roof.

General Comments:

It is a wonderful truck. I can't complain about anything. I am a short person and fit very comfortably in it. I don't believe that a tall person would be comfortable. Even though it only has a four cylinder engine, it has not let me down at all while in 4X4. I have pulled all sorts of trailers and never had a problem.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2003

1993 Nissan Hardbody Pickup 2.4L 4 cylinder from North America


I liked it until 140,000 km


4x4 stopped working after 30,000 km

Speedometer cable broke after 30,000 km

Tachometer stopped working after 80,000 km

Dash and roof interior cracked and ripped after 120,000 kms

Leaking rear drive shaft seal at 130,000 km

Timing chain guide broke at 140,000 km costing $3,000.00 Cdn to fix.

General Comments:

This car has been good for reliability and I quite like the interior layout, the crisp and logical function of all the controls. The handling is also sweet as this truck corners as if it were on rails which is odd considering it is a 4x4. It also looks awesome.

My problems with this truck are the poor gas mileage of app 22 miles per UK Gallon on the highway and the dismal acceleration when passing. The highways are getting so crowded now that I think I need a better car. The space between oncoming traffic is getting so small I can't pass anymore!

My biggest grief was obviously with the timing chain guide. What a fiasco! The truck starts rattling like a diesel one day as I'm driving along. I bring it in to the dealer for repairs and return in the evening a few days later after work. The bill on the seat is ~$1,500 for taking the engine apart and replacing the timing chain and guides. I start the car and it still makes the same noise! The bill indicates the engine top had been short of oil and I may yet have to replace the lifters, but I should drive it for a while. I drive it and it still makes racket. I've had trouble with this dealer before so I bring my truck to another place and they replace the lifters and charge another ~$900. The truck still rattles like a diesel. The two dealers speak and decide to take the engine apart again. They found a plastic piece (probably from the timing chain guide) stuck in an oil port. Another $600 bill. Now I have a $3000 engine job and my truck still rattles cause the new lifters were short of oil before the plug was found and removed. Good grief! I can't believe there are no other reviews with this trouble as a buddy of mine indicated that replacing these lousy plastic guides is a popular item in the garage.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2003

7th Nov 2004, 07:26

I've also have experienced the mishaps of the timing chain guide, which has cost me greatly. It started when the guide went bad and causing the chain to wear a hole in the housing. I sent it to a shop for repair, and decided since it had a 137,000 and begun to smoke a little when left idling for a while, to have the engine rebuild. The engine still had pretty good compression before this occurred. Needless to say I spent over a $1000.00 to get my engine rebuilded, but instead they switched my engine out with a junked one. The engine ran for 5months before the guide was gone in that engine which lead me to have another timing chain replaced, that cost me another $250.00.