1st Nov 2016, 21:28

Original Poster with a final review...

At 40,000 in September 2016 miles almost exactly I received horrible news on a 5 year old car...

The transfer case was leaking oil everywhere, and after having noted this with the dealership for a couple of years since the timing chain was replaced for a recall, the dealer decided to take notice of it with a $1800 quote right after the warranty was up.

The entire exhaust system was cracked and leaking from the turbo back. When I asked what on earth causes that, I was told... wait for it... "heat". So the car can't even manage its own heat without destroying itself? I did some research (and I'm not a mechanic so it's pure speculation) and found other vehicles with similar setups like the Juke have problems like the Juke in keeping the throttle body clean. My dealer decided to pour stuff in it, scrub around, and burn it off to clean it out. Sounds great right? The results were great... the power was back! Maybe not... I'd put money on it that this procedure damaged my exhaust system over the 5 years that the work was done (every 8,000 miles or so). $3400 quote.

And that ticking sound I mentioned in a previous comment? They claimed it was bad bushings on the front wheels... alright maybe I caused that throwing it into corners or something...

I ended up getting rid of the vehicle and I'm really not sure that I ever want to come back to Nissan... I hear a lot of great stories, but I just feel so dirty for how I was treated with this vehicle. I don't feel a car with 40k miles at 5 years should have these kind of problems. I even gave the dealer a few days to get back to me about the quotes I had received and they never returned my calls or emails. So... I left the Nissan family.

2nd Nov 2016, 17:49

Looks like the 2011/2012 had the most problems. Please see carcomplaints.com. Some the cars had timing chain problems, turbo problems, stalling problems and many other issues. Looks like they got most of the problems out by the 2015 model. Anytime you buy a brand new out of the box model like the Nissan Juke, it takes a little time for the car maker to get the bugs out of it. It's not like the old days, when car makers went to their parts bin and pieced a new car together with proven reliable parts.

2nd Nov 2016, 22:07

Maybe it's just me, but I find the Juke to be the ugliest car ever; even makes a PT cruiser or Pontiac Aztek not look so bad in comparison.

3rd Nov 2016, 13:08

The Aztek is a bit of a harsh comparison! But generally I agree. Most modern cars are ugly, especially after 2005 in my opinion. The Juke is no different, but is definitely not the worst.

24th Mar 2017, 04:38

The Juke is better looking (or just less ugly) than most cars from the fifties.