23rd Apr 2015, 19:26

Still got the I.C.E. issues - but it's a gremlin I can live with. The ride is a bit washboard jiggly too. However overall I am happy - 4k miles in 6 weeks at 39 MPG overall - nippy and comfy too. Here's hoping this will be a long and happy relationship.

10th Jun 2015, 21:33

Three months and six and a half thousand miles in, and it's won me over - the ICE gremlin is really down to just waiting for the system to load - the nav is great, the climate works a treat, the car is comfortable, and that 1.2L 3 cylinder turbo motor works really well - nippy and 38.4 MPG. Even the shape is growing on me - by this stage my last car - a Ford CMax - had already been returned to the dealers after its first of many breakdowns and malfunctions. Well done the lads and lasses in Washington, Tyne and Wear!

5th Aug 2015, 20:55

11000 miles in 5 months and I really do like this car. Had a recall on the ICE done, which has sorted the slight issue there. Everything else runs like a Swiss watch. Just under 40 MPG, which considering how I drive is bloody impressive - the climate control works well and all the kit impresses. Cleans up nice too.

30th Oct 2015, 23:14

Seven months in and 16k miles - impressed - will forgive the looks - reliability is in another world compared with the previous Ford.

40 MPG, goes very well, all the toys work - nothing broken - the only fault I can point to is under serious braking I think the brakes don't feel as strong as previous cars I have. I haven't rear ended anything yet though.

My advice - buy one!

5th Nov 2015, 10:18

That little 1.2 DIG-T engine has 4 cylinders.

That is why it is so smooth and quiet compared to 3-cylinder motors like Ford's EcoBoost.

1st Feb 2016, 22:22

My mistake - saw your comment and went and looked under the bonnet, and yep there's a 4th plug hidden under all the piping and wiring - still 11 months and 24k miles in, and still impeccable performance - 38.5 MPG - pulls like a train - comfortable and nothing - repeat nothing - has gone wrong.

8th Mar 2016, 21:02

11 months in... just under 26k miles... 2nd service done and not a sausage to report. Running like a Swiss watch - front tyres I am told are still good for another 3- 6k miles, which amazes me with my spirited driving and just under 40 MPG overall average. The ICE sometimes takes a few minutes to boot up still... I suppose none of us like a really cold morning... but it's not an issue really.

Compared to my previous CMax this is chalk and cheese - I would recommend a Juke of this model to anybody in a heartbeat.

17th Jul 2016, 09:43

First copybook blot on the horizon? 36k miles in and the engine note has become a bit thrashy between 1250 and 100 RPM - timing chain methinks.

21st Jul 2016, 22:22

Confirmed by the dealership... timing chain tensioner not extending, causing the chain to thrash about and make noise. Booked in for the first of August as the earliest they can do it... let's hope it doesn't snap or jump a tooth on the tensioner sprocket before then - and if it does it's it an interference engine? Thankfully it's still under warranty...

17th Aug 2016, 21:28

Why oh why do dealers and manufacturers let themselves down?

Still waiting to hear about the timing chain repair. Garage took it in serviced it and handed it back stating they are waiting to hear from Nissan for the authority to do the warranty repair. So they know it's the tensioner not doing its job and periodically there's a loud "pinking" type noise under acceleration.

So three weeks and over 2k miles later, still waiting for Nisan and the dealer to get their act together. Or the engine will go bang and me and a leasing company will be unhappy - me coz I will be stranded and the leasing company coz the top end of their car's engine will be mashed up.

Can a simple repair be that hard to organise I wonder?

1st Oct 2016, 23:24

It was the tensioner not the chain. Took weeks to get Nissan to resolve the warranty claim, but they did it, so hey ho. The car's back and much better now - the engine is back to full health after rattling on for about 7k miles. Still like the car.

When it was in dry dock I had a Juke auto on loan - awful! The CVT gearbox meant engine noise and progress were curiously out of synch and the car took off like a stabbed rat at times. A real license loser.

That was taken off me and changed for a Pulsar. That was a lovely car - after a week in that I was reluctant to hand it back LOL.

17th Dec 2016, 02:15

Twenty months and almost 50k miles in and metronome like efficiency. Still a smidge under 40 MPG - the only breakage was me cack handedly breaking the center armrest - replaced @ £60 off E-bay - 20 minutes with a hex key fitted the replacement.

A cracking car that I will be genuinely sad to see go eventually.

Still say the only issues are:

1. Brakes - lack feel and don't inspire confidence.

2. Grip - not great - probably as much down to the tyres, but again doesn't inspire confidence.

3. Ride is jiggly - but its rivals are the same.

Well worth consideration if you're in the market.

27th Jan 2017, 22:40

Sorry to bang on, but 22 months 50K + miles and nothing, repeat nothing, has gone wrong. This is how a car in 2017 should be - fuel, service and tyres from time to time, and drive the thing. Spot on!

2nd Apr 2017, 23:03

Two years old 56k miles and nothing has gone wrong except the tensioner that was quickly and efficiently replaced. 42 MPG - serviced every 12.5k miles - still on only the 2nd set of front tyres - rears still original. Simply the best, most reliable car I have ever owned.

28th Oct 2017, 22:07

The car is due to go back shortly as I am being made redundant - 2 years 8 months and 72k miles at an overall 42 MPG - not bad for a 1.2L car.

I cannot recommend these cars highly enough if you want reliability and economy - I don't drive it with an eye on economy - climate control is never off - I use all the gadgets and nothing has broken, nothing has failed, and mechanically it's a 99% - the only issue being that timing chain one, which was sorted at a service.

Yes the styling is challenging - still not sure myself, but as a 30k mile a year driver, I give this car a massive thumbs up.

4th Mar 2018, 01:53

Was returned to the supplier with 75k miles and nothing wrong with it over 21 months. Anybody wondering then, TBH in the UK this is the Juke engine/spec to get, it was brilliant.