25th Nov 2011, 02:03

Sir, I have a RB 24s engine that I installed in my 4x4 jeep. My problem is I cannot find a place to buy its water pump pulley. Please help. I'm from Rizal Province.

6th Jan 2012, 12:46

Hi my name is Nikolai from Pasay City Philippines, I know a guy here from Nissan assembly who can give me a very low price in RB24S engine and Laurel/Cefiro a31 parts. If you need some replacement you can contact me +639065150385.

I can only provide an original parts for stock engine/car.

Proud to be a Cefiro a31 owner. All original from small bolts to big metal. Still runs like new.. Cheers!

31st Jan 2012, 12:00

How did you the twin cam head fit over the SOHC pistons? And where does the distributor go in the twin cam head?

Thanks in advance. Want to build one too.

29th Dec 2012, 12:30

Yes it can. The RB24S engine is made up of these components; RB25 block, RB30 head with RB20 pistons. So bolting an RB25 head on your block is no problem, since the block is an RB25 block.

I also have an Altima and did the conversion, and you can get parts easy from Bamboo or Little Japan, or import them from Trinidad.

24th Feb 2013, 23:38

Hi Altima owners! I am here in Abu Dhabi, and I am proud to have my car, a Nissan Altima Laurel 2.0, still in good running condition, despite it now being 23 years old!

I don't have any problem with the engine and acceleration. In fact, it is still running to a full speed of 200 kms/hour when I've tried going to Ruwais. But of course I won't do that again, as there are so many radars now in every place. Cars bought by my office mates of the same model year but different brands have now been junk or 'retired' already, but still my Altima can still outrun new models (I guess it's the driver's guts, LOL).

The only problem now is its door interior, but it is just a minor thing, and not that expensive to refurbish (if I'm not lazy, I will do this).

Just like any other Altima motorists, most of the time, in the middle of the stop light, other motorists ask me either if I'm selling my car or swap with theirs of a later year model. Often times, in the Mussafah area, some locals approach me to buy my car, as they've wanted to modify my car's engine for drag racing.

I am really glad to have this very strong car, and I am sharing this experience to other Altima owners.

9th Mar 2013, 08:48

My name is Roberto Pablo, and I'm the owner of a Nissan Laurel Altima 1993 2.4 GTS engine I6.

I would like to know where in Trinidad I can find a store that can provide me with parts for this car?


4th Nov 2014, 05:00

Brother, may I know some info about your Altima?


14th Oct 2015, 05:46

Sir, can I ask about the repair shops and parts for the Nissan Laurel Altima, thanks. I'm also in Saudi Arabia.