1992 Nissan Maxima GXE V6 from North America


I intend to make this a classic antique


Normal wear and tear, brakes, timing belt, tires, windshield wipers, and batteries.

General Comments:

This car has the original muffler and shows no signs of wear.

The engine is quiet and does not burn any oil. I have used synthetic oil since I bought the car, changing every 3-4 thousand miles.

It's the best car I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2002

18th Jan 2005, 14:27

How exactly do you determine when your Nissan Maxima will become an antique? The reason I ask is because I am not sure how to determine when my Nissan Maxima will become an antique.

18th Jan 2005, 14:50

Was just wondering how you planned to "make" your car a "classic antique"?

Cars are usually not considered "antique" until they are at least 40-50 years old. Yours, at 13 years, is somewhat short of that.

Do you have some way to travel into the future and take the Nissan with you? Is your name Dr. Emmett L. Brown?

And even if you did, a Nissan Maxima is hardly a prime candidate for "classic antique" status lol.

23rd Feb 2005, 06:35

I do not understand you think a basic Japanese 4 door sedan or for that matter 99% of Japanese cars is going to become a classic? Just not going to happen. Have pride, buy American.

1992 Nissan Maxima SE 3.0L twin cam 24 valve VE30DE from North America


Well, the transmission was shot when I got the car, so I knew that would need replacing. At the time of having the transmisson replaced, I also replaced the clutch.

The digital clock only goes on when the car has been running a while, sometimes.

There is also a slight tapping that comes from under the valve cover. A Toyota oil filter took care of that, though.

No other problems as far as I can tell.

General Comments:

This car rides great, is comfortable, and is well worth the money. It also has sway bars which helps cornering, and the Twin Cam V6 is extremely responsive and quick. It's also the only car in it's class that can be classified as "4DSC" (Four Door Sports Car).

All of the controls are easy to operate, and the Bose sound system is great! The power moon roof/sunroof are also nice. The 5-speed transmission is also easy to shift, and in a comfortable position.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2001

14th Dec 2001, 19:01

I've had my 92 SE 5 speed since it had 60k, now it has 152k. Yhey are very good cars, very reliable.

If you want to add more power, get a cold air intake, my car does 0-60 in about 6.5 seconds.

The valve tick you hear is the variable valve timing, they eventually all make this sound - you can have it fixed but it will come back. You said a Toyota oil filter made it sound go away - what model Toyota oil filter? Why do you think this worked?

1992 Nissan Maxima SE from North America


My experience with Nissan, and in particular with this model year, has been fabulous


No problems to report.

General Comments:

This has been an absolutely wonderful automobile. It's been trouble free from day one with great performance and reliability. I could not ask for a better all round vehicle at any price. I can recommend this car without reservation. This is the fourth Nissan that I have owned. We have driven them a total of approximately 700,000 miles with only one unscheduled visit to the repair shop.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2001

1992 Nissan Maxima GXE 3.0 Litre, 6 cylinder from North America


The Lou Gehrig of automobiles


Normal wear and tear items include replacing the front & rear brakes, timing belt, CV axles, and front control arms.

The A/C required replacing the condenser/evaporator unit. The fan control had to be replaced.

The BOSE stereo no longer works. The rear speakers were the first to go, followed by the cassette deck, then the radio.

General Comments:

Considering that I bought this car when it had 103,000 miles on it, and have put on another 141,000 miles in the five years that I have owned it, this car has been one of the most reliable and fun cars I've owned, despite all that needed to be replaced.

The engine and transmission still run like a champ and I can beat virtually any car off the line. Basically, if these two things keep on running, I could care less about the small things that wear out over time. I plan on keeping it going for as long as I can.

The seats are great on long trips and the ride is very quiet.

If you do get one of these (and I recommend that you do), put the best tires you can afford onto it.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2001

31st Jan 2005, 09:37

Trying to figure out why your car is <the Lou Gehrig of automobiles> as you put it?

Does it have a terminal disease?

Or does driving it make you feel like you have one?

4th Jun 2005, 00:06

Well I don't know about you, but the one I have is a lemon money pit piece of crap notthing, but problems I'm writing a review this is the worst car I've ever owned!

1992 Nissan Maxima SE 3.0 24v V6 from North America


Every other car maker get on the drawing board, Maxima is going to dawn you


Nothing, a real car not like other imitations. Every time I drive to work there are always newer Hondas and Toyotas stranded on the road. I love honking my horn and enjoying my ride. Don't be fooled by advertising, Nissan still is #1, they have cars way ahead of their time. Nissan is at the top of everyone's envy list.

4 door sports car, see ya.

General Comments:

Power, reliability, comfort, sophisticated and beautiful.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2000

17th Dec 2000, 21:41

This car was owned by my son-in-law. I don't believe I have ever seen a sorrier car in my life. It took forever and two weeks to finally get the transmission overhauled and working. This is the second time.

Many electrical problems.

Engine has developed a knock (122,000) miles.

Most of the paint has come off around the front of the car.

I wouldn't buy one for a guy I didn't like.

16th Jan 2003, 16:19

I do love my 92 Maxima SE four door sports car. I bought it used at 120,000 miles and didn't think twice.

It did develop a knock in the engine, but that was poor maintenance and lack of attention to changing the oil regularly. My wonderful auto mechanic husband replaced the CPU something or others and it was fixed.

The car is now over 175,000 miles and I've got a new noise in the transmission. But...I'd rather fix my 92 Nissan Maxima SE and spend $1,000 than have to get a five year car loan!