2002 Nissan Maxima SE 3.5 V6 from North America


Decent car, but NOT at the price point or position in the market


Service Engine Soon indicator: 5 times

Vent control valve: 4 times!!!

Oxygen sensor: 1 time

Front bearing: 2 times

Brake rotors: 2 times due to rust

Power seat adjustment squealing.

General Comments:

Excessive problems with vent control valve causing "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" indicator. Other problems can be expected. Nissan has a problem with their vent control valve part and fails to recognize this. The car is otherwise decent, but we thought we were buying a better car than the Acura TL at the time...now, I'm not so sure. Nissan Canada and the local dealer does not care unless you have extended warranty. Parts that are supposed to last the lifetime of the car failing at at a rate of just over a year? You be the judge.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2008

13th Feb 2010, 08:35

Wow I have the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light on in my 2002 Max SE... maybe this is the problem. I hate SERVICE ENGINE SOON light because it could mean anything! Ahhh.

2002 Nissan Maxima GLE 3.5 from North America


The best car I ever owned


Paint chipped on front of hood.

Tires are expensive to replace on the GLE with 17 inch tires.

Had to replace battery. (Not a fault of Nissan)

General Comments:

I recently totaled my GLE with 91000 plus miles but I had to pay homage to one the best vehicles I have ever owned. I had planned to drive this car well beyond 250,000 miles. During the time that I had the car it never left me stranded and I never had a major repair.

The car is fun to drive. It is appointed with many "luxury" features that make this car a real bargain. It held its value very well.

I am now in the process of looking for another 2002 - 2003 GLE to replace this car.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2008

16th Sep 2008, 17:31

I am in love with Maximas. I had a 1987 SE and it was totalled in January with 125K+ miles on it. It delivered a quiet, powerful, smooth ride. Not a single day of ownership did the Max give me any problems. Also, it had many features that were found on more expensive cars of its time. So long to the '87, hopefully by summer-fall 2010 I will be the proud owner of an all-new Maxima.

2002 Nissan Maxima SE 3.5 from North America




1. While under warranty, the valve timing sensor triggered the "service engine soon" light.

2. Passenger headlight bulb blew.

3.Replaced rear muffler.

General Comments:

I've had my Maxima for 6 years now, and can honestly say that it has been and still is exceptionally reliable and very durable, as I have not "babied" it at all.

What I have found out about the 2002 Maxima are a few things that have allowed me to enjoy this vehicle the way it was intended, and I would like to pass this info on to my fellow maxima owners if I may:

1. Get all recall work performed by the dealer ASAP.

2. Please, please use only 93 octane gas (premium) from a BP or SHELL. (make sure after refueling to twist the gas cap until three clicks are heard). Not doing so will trigger a service engine light.

3. Change oil at or before every 3000 miles. Castrol GTX has served me beautifully.

4. Use the same type of air filter as original equipment. (I have avoided the urge to use K&N types)

5. When changing spark plugs (I changed mine at 70,000), please, please, please use NGK double platinum tipped, these are the same spark plugs as original equipment. These are more expensive but not only will they help maintain proper performance, but they are a 1st line of defense against carbon buildup and fouling.

6. Drive the car - a car's engine and exhaust system is designed to assist in keeping itself clean, however, it must be driven long enough distance to reach the proper temperature. (Every week, I drive my car on the expressway at 55mph for at least 10 miles.)

As I have stated before, these are some things that have served me very well so far.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2008

16th Sep 2008, 20:02

Nissan Maxima is an unbeatable car as far as comfort, performance and dependability are concerned.

I owned a 1987 Maxima SE, which I still would be driving today had a 16 year old student not totaled it a few months back.

The ONLY problems I had were with the brakes, alignment, leaking sunroof and power steering. I had my car on the road at least 3 days a week on a 120 mile round-trip commute, and it held steady to the road.

In my opinion, there are few cars on the market that outdo a Maxima when it comes to options, performance and reliability.

I am in line for the new Maxima in summer 2010.