2002 Nissan Maxima SE 3.5 from North America


Quick, reliable, sports sedan


Recall of crank sensor (dealer replaced, and said it can occur in cold climates; never saw failure on a Maxima; failure occurs on the Altima, which shares the same part).

Paint chipping on plastic front on/below bumper. Dealer agreed to paint for free. Known issue and complaint on www.maxima.org user group site.

Factory non-Bose CD player was replaced free when it ate CDs.

Factory speakers don't like rap music (which is OK by me); distorts.

Added Dynamat pads to speaker mounts on door to help vibration speaker sound.

Dealer would not address this problem.

General Comments:

Very fast 3.5 liter engine.

Comfortable ride. The SE will let you feel the road.

Handling good, smooth response.

4 wheel disc ABS brakes stop straight and quickly on snow and rainy roads.

Put front shock tower brace ($70) on to help with torque steer on quick acceleration from a dead stop.

Good bang for the buck. Sometimes called a poor man's BMW.

Maintenance oil changes. Getting ready to replace the factory tires.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2004

9th Mar 2004, 22:14

I would like to comment on the rattling speakers. On my 2004 Maxima the only complaint that I have is the brake light in the back window raddels like mad when I listen to music with intense Bass. I also brought the car to the dealership to see if they could fix it. They said they would not do anything about it. Good old Nissan customer service for ya. I'm almost to the point where I will not buy another Nissan vehicle because of the poor service from the dealerships.

10th Sep 2004, 15:19

I love my maxima, not need to comment on it. Must agree with the nissan customer service being terrible!!! My leather came apart on my new 2002, they were impossible to deal with, would not issue a rental, even though my car was 7 days old!!!

16th Mar 2005, 13:59

I have a 2002 Maxima SE. This vehicle has limitless power. This is all it has. I have a Bose (6) disc CD system in my vehicle that sounds like it came base from a 76 Buick. This system has poor quality and I can hear someone in the back seat speaking softly while my stereo is full Blast! What has the Dealership done for me in this instance, NOTHING! The service at Nissan is horrible.

24th Oct 2007, 00:21

I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima. Beautiful car.

My brake light on the inside of the rear window rattled when I raised the volume of the radio, especially when there was a lot of bass. I took it to an audio guy who wanted to charge 200 bucks to get whole rare dash padded. I said no thank you. I went home, unhinged the brake light fixture (check the manual to do this) and stuffed the empty space with old rags made from an old cotton tee shirt. Reinstalled the fixture. Hey presto!!! Works so so good. Audio is exceptionally clear with no rattling whatsoever, and 200 bucks saved!!!

2002 Nissan Maxima SE 3.5L V6 from North America


A fabulous sport sedan for the bucks

General Comments:

I think you got a lemon, which can happen with any car manufacturer. I might keep complaining to Nissan; hopefully they will honor their quality satisfaction guarentees. My car, which is a 2002 model, but identical to the '03s, is as solid as anything I've ever owned. No rattles, no loose parts and certainly no engine noises. This 3.5L V6 powerplant is SILKY SMOOTH.

This car is a gem for those who want good performance, commute-to-work comfort and a sound system (the 7-speaker BOSE) that makes your home system sound like a transistor radio.

Nissan had me (a 40-something, not willing to buy an expensive sports car male) in mind when they built this car.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2003

25th Jan 2004, 12:15

My 2002 Nissan Maxima has been nothing, but trouble form the beginning. First, Nissan had to replace the transverse links (control Arms in front suspension). Then, they had to replace the CD player. It kept skipping tracks. Now I have had it in the shop for air leaks around the rear door windows, the hood was rippling at highway speeds and the worst of it all is a bad rattle in the rear window area. This rattle is driving me crazy. Overall, I am totally displeased with the quality of this car from the carpeting to the lack of covers to hide the seat bolt down tabs. My feeling is that Nissan paid very little attention to this car as they were concentrating on the 2003 and a half. By the way, this is my second Maxima and my last.