2002 Nissan Maxima SE 3.5L, V6 from North America


Too much power without adequate controls


TCS, ABS and Slip lights have come on eight times while driving, since the year I owned the car, thus making these systems nonopertational till repaired, despite that the dealer repeatedly fixed them.

Hood very visibly and noticeably vibrates at high speeds which results in loss of road grip.

Steering tends to have a mind of its own and tends to pull out of hands on bumpy and slippery roads, also vague steering feel.

On loaded vehicle rear suspension bottoms out.

Extremely poor traction & below average handling in winter even with winter tires.

CD player skips.

High wind noise in the rear compartment.

Rust on fuel filler port.

Head lights always looks foggy.

Inferior quality interior materials as compared to 1999 Maxima.

General Comments:

The car has 255HP and should have been a rear wheel drive to minimize torque steer and which robs it of adequate traction and handling on slippery and bumpy roads. I enjoy driving it in summer, but hood vibration, vague steering feel, wind noise and bad suspension limits my enjoyment.

The engine and transmission are superb.

The car looks beautiful.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2005

18th Jan 2006, 08:44

Your experiences (wind noise, suspension issues, etc.) make me wonder if this car hasn't been in a serious accident. Also it has high mileage for a 1 year old car (49,0000).

19th Apr 2006, 09:49

I read your review and couldn't agree with you more.

I have noticed the same problems with TCS ABS & SLIP and the other ones you mentioned, when I bought the car it had 150k with wrong size low profile Kumho tires on, which made car dart like crazy in any direction on bumpy roads, so I bought some Bridgetones Turanza tires, which are not cheap, but it made a huge difference, and which by the way I think are the best tires out there for Maxima. Love the engine and its power.

Good bang for the buck.

2002 Nissan Maxima SE from North America


The best car ever made


Not a thing. This car is great.

General Comments:

This is the best car I have had. My Saturn was a good car, but good just doesn't cover it on this car. It's stylish, sporty, and when I drive it, I feel like I am riding on air.

I put a lot of miles on this car since I drive 40 miles to work, but it still runs like brand new.

If you want a luxury car experience, but can't afford a Lexus or a BMW, then this is the car to get. Awesome car!

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Review Date: 30th October, 2005

2002 Nissan Maxima SE 3.5 from North America


Awesome car!!!


So far, no problems at all!!!

I priced tires for when the time comes, look out!!! Factory replacement tires are 184/ea.

I found a dealer that could sell Kumho tires for 124/ea. Still mind blowing. I'm hoping they come down in price before I need them!

General Comments:

The car is a baby doll to drive, seems to have limitless power. Very smooth, the cars limits are much higher than mine.

I have the leather/Bose/sunroof packages. Leather is wonderful, Bose sound system is great (6 disc changer), love the sunroof!

Nicest car I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2004

24th Jul 2004, 16:08

Very well written, and I couldn't agree more! Don't hesitate to buy a Maxima. Well maintained miles are irrelevant.

26th Oct 2006, 17:33

Got a phenomenal deal on tirerack.com on a set of Yokohama AVID V4S's @ $103/ea. Add shipping to a local Big O, installation & alignment, and it was still almost $300 cheaper than taking it to Costco.

And the AVID's are amazing for the amount of torque the 3.5L puts out. Had the Bridgestone Potenza's before. And they'd get squirrelly at the lightest tap of the gas pedal. The AVID's hold you to the road, and feel like a new set of shoes!