8th Jan 2010, 21:38

I agree. I just bought my 05 Nissan Maxima, and within 2 weeks my check engine light came on. I got it checked out, and it's the catalytic converter. Luckily I know someone who owns a dealership, so I only paid 200. Otherwise it would have been around 1000 if I didn't know the owner. Nissan has known problems with this converter and the transmission of the car. So Nissan buyers be careful. I love the car, but Nissan has to work on those 2 major issues.

2nd Nov 2010, 03:19

I have the 2006 Nissan Maxima. It's only had to have normal maintenance done till about 1 month ago. Took car to Nissan and paid $95 for a diagnosis - they wanted $1500 to replace the catalytic converter. So I called my local NAPA parts store and ordered the cat converter from them - 25,000 mile warranty and paid $520 (with shipping) for part. Then over to the muffler shop to have it installed - $80. So I paid $600 when Nissan wanted $1500. Car runs good. Then today the service engine soon light came back on. I'm worried that it is a sensor. But then again, first check the gas cap - it will eventually go bad due to wear and tear.

So I will go to get that checked at the local oil change place and see from there. Heard the sensors run ~$120 each.

I haven't heard bad things about the Nissan Maxima till I read this site. Hopefully things go well and it doesn't cost me a fortune!

12th Jan 2011, 13:43

My catalytic converter went bad when I had 83000 miles on my car. 3000 miles after the warranty expired, and now the dealer want over 1200 to replace it. I bought two cars brand new from Nissan, and will never buy another from them. They were not willing to pay not even 20% of the repairs to have this replaced. I feel that this catalytic converter was not manufactured right, and should have not went bad this early. This car has been nothing but trouble for me!!!