2005 Nissan Maxima SL from North America


So my car started acting funny i.e. shifting very hard when braking, and the RPM acting funny when accelerating. I took it to 2 transmission places, and they both said we cannot pull up any codes on it, but seems to be a computer that needs to be reset. Only Nissan can do that.

So I take it to Nissan, and they tell me it's my timing chain and the cost is $2300.00, plus this is wrong with your car and this too, blah, blah, blah...

I take it to another place, and they tell me that they re-met with the transmission place and it is my valve body!

My issue with Nissan, from all these posts, is they try to tell you the wrong thing constantly to get more $ out of you, and this is not the first time. One time I took it there for an oil change, and they tell me you need about $1700 of work done on your car. I didn't do any of it, and the next time I got an oil change they tell me everything checked out fine with the car.

I have also pulled into the service department and had a young kid that works there make a lewd comment to me; real professional!

If they want to charge loads of $, then give correct, good service.

I will not buy another Nissan.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2013

5th Oct 2013, 10:44

We live in an era where owners of businesses are pushing their employees to sell their products and services, so your service adviser is now your Fuller Brush salesman, and it's probably going to get worse.

My advice to anyone that has a Nissan product, is to get as many free quotes on any problem that it might have. If they give it to you in writing, it's even better. Keep track of what they say, and go on the Internet and plug in "problems and complaints on a 2005 Nissan Maxima". Look up problems that the Nissan Maximas had, and go all the way through the websites. Sometimes they will give you detailed information on what owners experienced, or owners' views and complaints on the car, and what was done to it and if it was resolved.

Check on pending lawsuits on your vehicle. Sometimes lawsuits are slowly working their way through the court system. Keep all records and bills of any work you have done on your car. If a lawsuit is won, then you could be asked for those receipts and records.

Also the salvage yards of this country are filled with parts for your car. Anything from engines to windows to radios... they have it all. And these are original equipment parts, not reproduction parts.

I have owned many Nissan vehicles and trucks. They're not a bad vehicle, but they do have some issues from time to time. And if there is a problem, you cannot panic and give any mechanic a blank check to do work on it... it has to be researched. Find out the best deal on the part, and pick a good reliable mechanic to fix it. Panic, and it could get very expensive for you...

2005 Nissan Maxima ST 3.5 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent if uninvolving


Ummm... after 15 months and 20,000km, nothing.

General Comments:

Bought as a replacement for an Alfa 166 that was single-handedly keeping the Italian economy afloat (I sold it at the beginning of last year, and they went down within months. Coincidence? I think not).

It's bigger. It's more comfortable. It's a lot quieter. It's more powerful. It's faster. It's much less thirsty. Everything works. It is completely reliable (is there even a word for "reliable" in Italian?). It has a rather elegant if bulky style.

But it is like driving a floating armchair. It feels like a big car, and you drive it like one. The Alfa just begged you to cut down a gear or two, and slice it through the corners. The Nissan just wants you to sit back and waft along.

Will I buy another. Of course, but I'll never forget the Alfa.

Also worth pointing out on these forums that the NZ/Aus comments refer to the J35 model that is a Japan/Asia only model, and completely different from the US assembled Maxima that seems to have caused so much grief.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2012

3rd Jul 2013, 04:01

Hi there, I am driving a 2005 Nissan Maxima Si 3.5 bought in New Zealand, and it has done 178000 Km, and to be honest, it still drives as if it's still brand new... Awesome car. The best thing to do is to service it regularly. This car has never missed. Used it as a family car... and we take long trips. This car is amazing. I'm kind of confused on how different it is to the ones made in the States. I guess it would have been more reliable if they were originally made in Japan. Really blessed to get this car.

20th Aug 2015, 03:24

The Nissan Maxima 2005 for Australia/NZ is J31, not J35.

17th Mar 2016, 11:00

This also helps me A LOT with my car buying. Out of the 20 in the definitely list, it's now come to 2. Thank you for the great review, especially noting the difference between the NZ/AUS cars to America. I recognise the left-hand side difference, but thought that it was basically the same car. Thanks.

17th Mar 2016, 11:02

This too is very useful to me. Great news! Thank you!