2005 Nissan Maxima SL from North America


Good, but not great, seems like I bought a lemon


The first thing mechanically that went wrong with the car, was the driver's side automatic window. Just started grinding, & the window wouldn't go up or down. Got stuck half-way up, & pushed it up manually to close it, & put clear tape along the top of the window. Had to buy the motor.

Sometimes the passenger door lock gets stuck when using the remote, so have to make sure that door is locked. And when opening, your passenger is locked out. Just annoying, but not going to have a fit over it.

The chrome trim from the rear of the hood, that extends across the hood, down the sides of the windows, is discolored & flaking. Weird, because the chrome trims on both sides of the rear window are shiny - no problem. The trunk and roof clear coat is gone. The side view mirrors are discolored. Maybe all the above exterior problems are because of me not washing/waxing it enough, while living in a salty, hot, sunny climate.

The interior dash is not up to par. The silver area by the CD slot has a black smudge mark that I can't get off. The slots that hold the sun shades are both having problems. Passenger side-piece fell off. Driver's side - it keeps unscrewing.

The one air conditioning fan broke. That is after the car overheated due to my negligence, because there was no fluid. Don't know if the fan broke because of that.

Due to horrible road conditions where I live, & it being hilly, brakes need to be replaced, I assume more than often. Rotors too. I'm lucky I go over 40 miles per hour.

Both V-belts were changed. Not because they snapped. But they were getting dry & worn. So I replaced them while I was getting my brakes, rotors, and air conditioning fan done. My mechanic did all that work for a very decent price, because I gave up on the dealership. Too expensive & rips you off. Also, misdiagnosed a problem with the radiator.

Now about the transmission. I haven't noticed anything as of yet. Or maybe I just am undereducated about how to recognize the problems. I am assuming I have a semi-automatic, because I can drive automatic or shift in a separate area off automatic gear. I only shift to 2nd gear when going down this one steep hill occasionally.

I will check with my mechanic to see if he notices any transmission problems. Let him test drive it.

I don't drive the car everyday, but sometimes when I do, it does get a work-out.

I bought the car in Northeastern PA, & the mechanics there were nice when I went for oil changes & maintenance checks. But then I moved to the United States Virgin Islands, & shipped it down here, which cost money. The dealership here is horrible.

I bought the car new & cash. Always wanted a Max.

General Comments:

Like the style of the car.

When lived in states, it did have power. Still does, but nowhere to use it. I got it up to 115 miles per hour while in PA. Also, nice to have heated seats & steering wheel for the cold winters.

Bose sound system is great. Works for me.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2011

2005 Nissan Maxima SL 3.5 from North America


This car is worthless


Transmission and mounts. There should be a recall on these transmissions and mounts, because it's very sad the amount of people with the same complaint and problem. Please call Nissan Consumer Affairs and make a complaint 1.800.647.7261 AS WELL AS The National Highway Safety Administration 1.888.327.4236. Please help before someone is killed or in an accident because these cars are uncontrollable and unpredictable.

General Comments:

This car is a waste of money. If you can afford to replace a transmission $4000, motor mounts $600, and have a transmission flush $300, then buy Nissan.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2011