2005 Nissan Maxima SL 3.5 V6 from North America


Driving this car puts a smile on my face



General Comments:

I did a lot of research before buying this car and I am confident I made the right decision. I love this car, - it is fast, comfortable and to my surprise very economical. Fit and finish is superb, my hat goes off to the assembly plant workers in Tennessee.

The styling fits into the either hate it or love it category. I love it and my kids hate it, which is great. That means they won't want to borrow it.

Things I don't like are -

Vicious torque steer. If the gas pedal is punched you better hang on to the steering wheel.

Wide turning circle. Need wide roads to do U-turns.

Automatic air conditioning controls are too fussy. It seems like every time I want to make a change I have to get the manual out.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2005

16th Aug 2008, 18:38

I bought a used 2005 Nissan Maxima about one year ago, that had been owned by someone at the local Nissan dealership. The car now has 66k miles, and is having the hard shifting transmission problems noted on numerous blogs. It started shortly after I bought it, and is getting worse, especially when hot. My mechanic says replacing or rebuilding the tranny is the only solution. I bought Japanese because I thought they were all well made and reliable, but the numerous posts about the Nissans are making me reconsider. From what everyone says, no help or solution from Nissan, although this is obviously a widespread problem.

2005 Nissan Maxima SE 3.5 Liter V6 from North America


Value + Performance + Mechanical Durability - Quality = Nissan Maxima


Faux titanium panels on console scratch too easily.

Front struts prematurely wore at 20K miles.

Dash rattles excessively, particularly when cold. Uncharacteristic for a Japanese.

Need to consult with Honda and Toyota to avoid the dash rattle problem.

General Comments:

The Nissan Maxima SE provides an excellent combination of power, performance comfort and value.

I would certainly place this vehicle on the same level as the Audi A4, however, certain quality issues in this vehicle have precluded me from doing so.

More specifically, cheap materials and excessive rattle noise from the dashboard detract from what seems to be an excellent automobile.

The Nissan Maxima surveys in this website are replete with comments about the steering wheel shaking at higher speeds and the clunking noise from the front end (presumably from the struts, which was the problem in my example), however, I have had much more expensive automobiles (BMW 3 Series for example) and their problems were far worse.

Despite the quality materials issue, I must remind the readers that the Maxima engine is bulletproof and will guarantee thousands of trouble-free miles.

My summary: great looks, price, power, power and a quality level that is not characteristically Japanese.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2005

1st Feb 2005, 12:25

"Dash rattles excessively, particularly when cold. Uncharacteristic for a Japanese. Need to consult with Honda and Toyota to avoid the dash rattle problem"

I beg your pardon???...Toyotas and Hondas have horrible rattling dashes!

8th Feb 2005, 15:20

You are very perceptive. I have recently purchased the Nissan Maxima and the interior rattle noise began manifesting itself fairly quickly. I also observed that the interior panels would scuff or scratch too easily, something that never happens in a North American edition Honda or Toyota. Nissan Maxima is great on performance and the engine is durable (this is my second Maxima, ticked just over 300,000 miles on it!), but the plastics are more suitable for toys than automobiles.

4th Mar 2005, 15:41

I have to agree with comments about cheap materials and rattles in Maxima. The most aggravating aspect is there are so many rattles at different times and temperatures, that it would be impossible for the dealer to correct them all. Overall, great performance ruined by shoddy interior materials. I have owned seven Toyotas and two Nissans. I will not own three Nissans.

15th Mar 2005, 18:36

I had a 2000 Max manual SE which I drove for a year and a half. I drove over Santa Cruz mountain on a treacherous winding road every day for 70 miles round trip, rain or sun. Never had any problem. I didn't do the slow break in, didn't do any dealer specified service, just oil change. The car never had any problem. Not rattle, not anything. Now I got a 05 Camry. No problem for a year. I miss the stick shift Max. One thing I didn't like about the Max is the road noise. Hope Nissan has improved in that department over the past 5 years... Guess I was just luck.