31st Mar 2011, 19:18

Did you have any success with contacting the AG? My daughter has a 2005 SL with the need to put in a new timing chain, and she has about 80,000 miles.

5th Apr 2011, 11:18

I too have these same problems with my 2005 Nissan Maxima SL. Everything was fine since I mostly drive to the metro and back.

1st my air conditioning hose somehow magically went out (even though I just about never use the A/C in my car, honestly). I am aware of the shifting issue because I slightly felt it from day one, but my car only does it once in a while. Now for the end all to be all, my timing chain according to the dealership needs to be replaced for $1500.00 Even though Nissan’s selling pitch when I first bought the vehicle was the timing chain never goes bad, the reason for Nissan to not use a timing belt.

I am just really upset since I am in my last 3 months before it's paid off.

12th Apr 2011, 09:50

Hey guys, I have had two Nissan Maximas. The first was a 96 and was a darn good car, in fact it is still in our family at 340,000 miles.

I bought an 05 Maxima SE brand new, and it is at 215,000 miles. Yes, it has given me some problems... first the transmission, well it really wasn't. I took it to a Nissan mechanic, and he told me that I needed a new one, and that this model had a Toyota transmission. This was over a hundred thousand miles, and all I did was put a new battery in. Believe it or not, this is what happened. Something about the electronics... not having a enough juice in your battery. When I thought it was the transmission, it would not even move when I put it in gear... again, having a battery with weak cells.

I am looking at buying a whole different horse now... a new Buick Lacrosse. I am looking for a better riding car, and this one has good reviews.

God Bless.

21st Apr 2011, 16:12

Same problem here.

28th Apr 2011, 10:25

I have a 05 Maxima, and I'm on the 4th transmission. I'm here at the dealership as we speak for the same thing. This has been a horrible experience with this car. I thought Nissan's were reliable cars, but as I looked on the Internet, and many people are having the same problems as I am having. Nissan should recall the transmissions now. I will never buy another Nissan ever again.

11th Jul 2011, 11:43

Who did you call to check if your vin# was available for a recall?

21st Aug 2011, 13:51

Add me too... Have yet to call the dealer, but I will this week. Looking for someone to step up and do the right thing and get this fixed. But realize Nissan probably won't step up and admit anything UNTIL enough people die from the issue. If no major law suits are files and Nissan is found to be accountable and forced to recall, I doubt they will. We aren't looking at a $2 harness... we're looking at a couple thousand dollar transmission.

25th Aug 2011, 08:50

We purchased our 2005 Nissan Maxima with 36,000 miles on the odometer. It now has 68,000 miles. At 63,000 it started shifting rough from 1st to 2nd. We changed a motor mount and changed the transmission fluid. It was fine for about a week. Now it started the rough shifting again.

Some days it is fine, then it starts again. We love the car, but can't afford the expense. Is this car trustworthy enough for a longer period? Please advise when a recall will be made for this model vehicle. Thank you.

21st Sep 2011, 15:52

I purchased a 05 Maxima, and I'm having the same issues as everyone else. It has its good and bad days with the transmission.

The other day, I had to stop, and as I started going again; I noticed I really wasn't going anywhere... WTH?!?! It was stuck in 5th gear! Um... I have my kids in my vehicle all the time, and it makes me worry sooo bad, because I'm afraid I'm going to cause a wreck because of the gears acting crazy. I'm taking it to Nissan tomorrow, wish me luck, ha! My AC is stuck on full blast, I cannot turn it up or down, I've heard it's the blower resister needing to be replaced. Everything has to be ordered through Nissan, so it's much more expensive.

I just purchased this car a couple weeks ago from a one person owner; they DID tell me it's having tranny issues, but I don't think that I knew what I was getting myself into before purchasing it.

It's a very classy and sharp car, and I'm very disappointed to hear all of these complaints. OBVIOUSLY something's got to give.

13th Nov 2011, 10:20

I have a Nissan Maxima 05 SL, and it has about 96k, and had my transmission replaced brand new, and my car is still doing the bump and thump. I'm sick of this car already. Shouldn't there be a recall? 05-06 models have terrible transmission problems.

14th Nov 2011, 09:38

Quit throwing your money away. Sell it as is. Consult your annual Consumers Report Auto Guide that comes out every year in April... in it you will find great reliable used cars for all budgets... from below $4000.00 to $30,000. Also take it to a good mechanic to check for prior accidents and any major problems it might have...

18th Jan 2012, 11:29

I am having the same hard shifting problems. I hope they recall it before someone gets hurt. Everyone please call and complain.

17th May 2012, 12:52

This is so sad the quality of this car should stand behind its name. I'm very disappointed.

Bought this car, used of course, from a local dealer, thinking I was getting a great quality car, and now six months in, and with payments might I add, the transmission has to be replaced. Jerking, slipping, all the above, and it seems there should be some type of help for all the complaints and distress it has caused people. People sue for all different reasons, when all these complaints are so legit. Not happy, and it's the last Nissan I will ever buy.

9th Jul 2015, 02:52

Any good transmission mechanic can rebuild your tranny. The dealer didn't know, so they just put another in. Shift solenoids are pretty simple to install, even the ones built in the tranny.