12th May 2002, 23:52

The regulators cost $60 at www.courtesyparts.com. It's a simple job for mechanically inclined owners. Whoever paid $200 PER side was taken for a ride. Visit maxima.org just to see how many 3rd gen (89-94) owners are on the internet.

1st Aug 2002, 10:27

I bought a 1993 New and during the 3/36,000 the dealer replaced window regulators 5 times! After that 1 had to replace once more.

30th Oct 2002, 12:16

I bought my used Nissan SE last year Sept. I love it! I will be replacing it when the time comes with another Maxima. I have 100,000 miles on it. Have not had any problems with the window regulators as yet. My only disappointment is no built in cup holders. A small price to pay for great performance and reliability.

25th Aug 2003, 13:35

I have had a 1989 Maxima SE and a 1993 Maxima which I still have. These cars are amazing cars and the build quality is VERY advanced for its time. I have 103,700 miles on it and it runs PERFECTLY. I put Z-Max (engine additive) in it every six thousand miles or so and my engine revs much smoother and drinks much less gas. I drive like a maniac and it totally keeps up with me. I have many modifications on it and from 90 until 130mph it is whisper quiet.

I test drove the 2003 Maxima and my '93 feels far more powerful. I honestly think I will drive this car until it dies. (Then I'll sell the parts). Oh, I too have replaced the regulators. The two back windows and the driver's side. I paid about $270 the first time (for the right rear window) and about $70 for the other two. Drive safe!

24th Feb 2005, 12:59

I got a 93 Nissan Maxima. My nissan is nice for a first car. It originally had 108,000 miles on it, but now has 120,000. The only problems I have is that the two front speakers have been damaged from the previous owner. My transmission has already been replaced two times. I don't know why my transmission is bad so someone please make a comment why it is. Last, my back window on the driver side is broken and won't go down at all.