22nd Sep 2004, 21:06

I own many cars&trucks, but maxima 1996 (driven for more than 100000 miles) is the most reliable car I ever own-change your mechanic

24th Oct 2004, 07:38

Our 1996 maxima GLA now has 150,300 on it and I am on the this site for transmission information (possible shifting problem) but I agree with the others, this car has been perfect since new. The only repairs, happened early on when new and they were the sensors going bad. Also you have to use factory pads and rotors or you will most likely get problems. Change to a better mechanic.

14th Jul 2005, 23:29

Did you buy the car used? At an auction? That may be why. Cars that have been in accidents always have problems. Other than that change the mechanic. They sometimes fix one thing, and then mess with something else to get more money from you when you come back.

1st May 2006, 20:00

I have had to repair the oxygen sensor one time, replace tires, brakes and a belt during 7.5 years of ownership. That is amazing compared to most cars that would have been in the shop more often. I was surprised about the review with a lot of repairs. I do wonder if the car was a salvaged car. Sorry to hear about your problems. The only thing that bums me out is that the body on my car has been banged up. I have been shopping for new cars to get one that looks better than my banged up car. A new 2006 Audi A4 drove nowhere near as well as my 1996 Nissan Maxima.

16th Aug 2007, 13:06

I have owned two 1996 Maxima GXE's both purchased from a salvage yard as insurance "totals". Both were rebuild and are still running. My son drives one with 142,000 miles and I still have the other one with 101,000 miles. Other than brakes, tires, batteries and a starter on the higher mileage car both cars have been very reliable and fun to drive. My daughter had a 2000 GLE that came from the auction via a used car dealer that was nothing but problems. We traded it in on a new 07 Civic after only ten months at a loss of $3,600 rather than spend any more for repairs.

28th Oct 2007, 10:05

Take this review with a grain of salt. Everything he points out (with the exception of the O2 sensors) is a normal wear consumable part. Yes, even the starter and alternator, they have brushes that wear out, usually in 6-8 years. If the reviewer had bought the car new it would have not needed any of these things until the mileage it has now, and the cost would have been depreciation and interest, rather than trips to the shop.

7th Mar 2009, 12:24

I am considering a Nissan Maxima 1995 for my first car, do you think that is a good idea?

I can note from the review that it is not so good on gas.

19th Jun 2009, 12:03

I have a '96 Maxima V6 with almost 212,000 miles on it. It is the most reliable car that I have ever had. The only negative for me is the relatively high fuel consumption. (I recently averaged 25mpg highway on a 2000 mile trip). In the city, it gets anywhere between 16 and 18 mpg. I have never had to change anything on it except for the occasional brake pads, oil, tires, etc.

I would recommend it to anyone as a great, comfortable, reliable car. The Bose system is absolutely amazing. Although if your wallet it tight, get something that's easier on the gas like an old Honda Accord (also had one).

21st Jun 2009, 16:02

1996 MAXIMA SE, bought new July 95' 204,000 and still strong, will get 300k+ - no regrets- just regular maintenance, anyone with brake problems, use ceramic pads, not the cheap organic.

3rd Sep 2009, 01:51

I currently have a 96 Max too. This car is NOT the greatest for SURE! When I got it in 4-2008, it ran very nicely! BUT since this day, I have a MAJOR problem with the stupid rear stabilization system! MY CAR LACKS A STABILIZER BAR! What, NO stabilizer bars on a Maxima, stupid don't you think! Nissan didn't put a stabilizer bar in the rears! MAN I'll tell you, this is the most dangerous cars I've ever in my life owned. I cannot drive over 60mph without the threat of this stupid car fishtailing out of control! The rear axle bounces WAY too excessively! If I'm not paying attention to the speed I'm going on the freeway, then run through rough bumpy pavement, I can guarantee my death when this car fishtails out of control and run into a pole in an instant!

WELL ANYWAY! Besides this dangerous issue, I have driven around 44,000 miles total as of 9-09. I had the normal wear and tear; brakes, tires etc. The Max has been decently reliable! Never had problems with engine or check engine lights. BUT the manual transmission DID have problems. The bearings got shot. Needed a new transmission at 166k miles. That's all I know of! Air conditioner works BEAUTIFULLY! I replaced axle boots.

I have been in a fender bender with my Max earlier this year 1-09. I BARELY hit a car ahead of me. Almost NO damage on my bumper, but the air bags deployed anyway!

All in all. The trans is the only thing that was an issue so far. Other than the being the WORST handling car I ever owned!

10th Aug 2010, 20:08

Hi. My 96 Nissan Maxima GLE car engine check light is glowing always, so can you please tell me how to fix this problem? And also please tell me how much I have to spend for changing rear studs?

20th Apr 2011, 13:25

You MUST be kidding. Read the other comments. The Maxima is known for its great handling. If you're having problems, it's unique to you or your car. And it's probably simple to fix.

24th Aug 2011, 13:58

I absolutely LOVE my 96 Maxi... the engine light is always on, but the car runs strong. It now has 220 000 miles, and was bought used only 3 years ago with only minor upkeep (brake pads... etc). Best 2000 I spent in my life.. and the sound system rocks!

29th Aug 2012, 14:14

Your issue is with yours struts. I have driven more than 100 mph, but with very good struts in a Maxima 96.

6th Oct 2015, 15:38

I am sure your Jeep Cherokee was a trouble-free motoring :)

As for Maximas, I had 4 of them in my life and NEITHER of them ever gave me any trouble.

Maybe the problem is your mechanic, and not the car.

Maximas are conservative, quality built, reliable rear wheel drive sedans - there is really nothing there to break, all parts and designs are time-proven, plus Japanese legendary build quality.

6th Oct 2015, 18:41

The Nissan Maxima is a great bang for your buck car. The 1985 to 2003 were great used car bargains. And yes you will have to do maintenance on them. Your best bet is a one owner, maintenance record car; maybe a two owner if they both did maintenance on it. Carfax is a must. No accidents, and no out of state, bottom of a flood zone cars.

Have a good mechanic, and have the ability to get parts from eBay. Also, YouTube videos provide you with all the instructions to do the work yourself if you have any type of mechanical ability.

In the used car world, top of the line cars go for pretty much the same price as a bottom of the line cars, so why not get the top of the line for a few extra bucks.

7th Oct 2015, 14:50

Unless the four Maximas you have owned were first generation models (1984 or older), "neither" of them would have been RWD, either.