7th Feb 2009, 16:04

I found out my problem with the engine having problems below 3000 RPM. well.. it was my 02 sensor. :)

Now it's fixed :D.

28th Mar 2009, 20:08

Thanks to everyone, this is an awesome thread, I've learned a ton. I'm the original owner of a '92 Maxima SE and for about 3 months it's been hesitating, sluggish from a dead start, and it's not jumping. Never stalling. My mechanic said I need new platinum plugs (replaced the originals at 61k miles with NGK platinums and I'm now at 122k miles). He also said that I have one cracked ignition coil. I ordered 6 NGK G-power plugs online ($3.15 each!) and one Nissan OES "left/front" ignition coil ($92). Since I'm still waiting for the plugs to arrive, today I installed the new ignition coil.

No improvement, in fact it's hesitating & jumping more! I'm wondering if it's because the newer OES ig coils do NOT have the rubber boot that my original coil had. Thoughts? I can use the rubber boot from my original coil as I cracked it trying to pull it off! But I did "steal" the rubber gasket from the top of the original one and put it on the new one when I installed it. That was good.

I'm guessing that when I install the new plugs that I'll still have an issue.

Any help on my new ignition coil? Do I need to buy a rubber boot for it? The new one came with a cylinder-shaped cardboard thing (1" long) that was located in the same spot (bottom) where the original coil's boot was. I took that cardboard piece OFF thinking it was just packaging material. So tomorrow I will remove the new coil and add the cardboard piece to see if that helps. If yes, then I'm a moron and should've never removed it.

If plugs and coil don't help, I'll try O2 sensor next, then TPS. And I'll also add some Fuel Injector cleaner tomorrow as well.

Any help appreciated.


8th Jul 2009, 03:20

I'm having the same issue with my 1992 Maxima SE 5 Speed. Love the car so far, going to replace all the coils, the camshaft position sensor and I'll write back. I know that 2 coils need replacing, one front and one firewall side, as for the CPS, I'm just hoping because I can get one for cheap. Thanks for all the input everyone. Hopefully we can get this all situated!!

16th Jul 2010, 21:03

Yeah, I have a 92' Nissan Maxima SE with 218,000 miles. I've been having problems with hesitation and sometimes stalling on "take off" and at high speeds. I changed out the 02 sensor and the fuel filter, but the problem still persists.

What I did do one day while driving on the interstate, was when the problem started to occur, I popped it into "Neutral", turned the ignition off and then re-started the engine, and the problem goes away for awhile, and then returns at a later date. Can anyone explain this?

2nd Dec 2010, 06:23

That 92 Nissan Maxima SE with the 218,000 miles, well it turned out to be the fuel pump after all. I blew $225.00 to have it checked, and that was a complete waste of time and money. At the shop they came up with the codes 33 & 34, they were telling me that it was the MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow) NOT!!! I got so disgusted that I purchased the OBD software for the Nissan, and now I can scan my own problems through my laptop without having to waste money and time by taking it to some shop.

19th Dec 2010, 13:21

Try changing your throttle position sensor or TPS; it helped with my 2000 Maxima SE. My car kept pulling mass air, but in the long run it was the TPS.

2nd Jan 2014, 23:40

The guy who bought his 92 Maxima for $1,200. Did you buy it in Austin, TX in Sept/Oct 2004? Then I know about it... That car did have that hesitation problem, but it probably needed a new manual transmission as well; 1st and 2nd gear would sometimes be impossible to get in. The hydraulic clutch was replaced just before you got it though and it seemed fine. That car was a sweet and sour experience. I was not the first owner, but reliability had been a definite issue. You got what you paid for and more.