16th Jul 2005, 16:01

Also have 92 Maxima SE with automatic with stalling and downshifting. Have tried virtually everything recommended, plus put in new alternator: no change. When dealer tried to do computer test, the power to the computer went out on the downshift, so no analysis could be made. No one can figure this out, may have to just part out the car.

28th Oct 2005, 16:45

For everyone having this issue, here is the order in which I would replace the parts:

Do your O2 sensor first as stated above, it's $95 for a brand new part with warranty.

Secondly do your spark plugs, these cost $25CDN.

Then your fuel filter $12 at parts store.

Air filter $8 at parts store.

Do the throttle position sensor next.

Then if you still have the issue, do your coil packs and module (wrecker will want $100 for the whole deal).

Still having the issue?

Do the MAF get a used one from the wrecker.

Still have the problem? sell the car.

7th Nov 2005, 20:17

I suggest before changing parts, look over every inch of the engine for cracked, broken or missing vacuum lines. My 92 Maxima had a lot of the symptoms listed in this post, but no check engine light. We changed 6 or 7 cracked hoses and all is well so far.

8th Mar 2006, 11:22

For the 1992-1994 MAXIMA SE'S with the DOHC motor, the most common reason for stalling is the coil packs. They are expensive to replace, and it is 80% of the time the coil packs, if you are stalling when stepping on the gas (putting some stress on the motor). Check them for cracks; if they are cracked, replace them. Or even if they aren't cracked, it doesn't mean there is something wrong with them. Check out maxima.org and ask on there.

12th Apr 2006, 08:40

I too am having problems with my 92 Maxima. It has 330000 km. I have been told by a Nissan mechanic that the problem is the O2 sensor, and if you disconnect it, the problem will go away. I have tried this and it worked for about a year, however the problem has returned, and as one of the postings mentioned, I have noticed the problem occurring during wet or damp weather. I am now about to try the mass air flow sensor or the throttle positioning sensor. Hopes this works because it`s been a real headache so far. Love the car otherwise.

9th Jun 2006, 17:28

2000 Maxima, 58,000 miles. The 1st time this happened I got the mass air flow cleaned, which worked for about a year, then I replaced the O2 sensor, that worked for 6 months, recently my car would idle at about 300rpm, so I would put it in neutral and it would go up to 500rpm, now my car dies before I come to a complete stop. I read up on the problem a lot and now I'm replacing the mass air flow, flushing the fuel injection hoses, changing the fuel filter, and the plugs. So, I hope that will help. I wish Nissan was able to help us. Good luck to you all. JB.

30th Jun 2006, 05:23

I own a 92 DOHC Maxima. I paid 1200 USD. But after some "this should solve it" - repairs, my car has become more like a stepchild rather than a good ride for a cheap price. I too have this problem and while others have come and gone, the stalling remains. Thinking back, rain doesn't help matters for me either, and sometimes I also smell gas. I will try 02 sensor and fuel filter. As long as she runs good, I can live with the occasional crazy rpm reading or sluggish pick up. I thought it was just me. I just hope my trans isn't losing precious mileage life due to this because it feels like it, and that is when my stepchild will have to leave home.

14th Jul 2006, 20:52

O2 sensors are batteries. They are a maintenace item on all makes of cars. I check them as I would a spark plug. If they're working, they'll be clean, if they fail, most computers go into a fail safe mode, which means they run rich, resulting in a "carboned up" appearance, and obviously poor fuel economy.

22nd Nov 2006, 15:54

I just got back from the mechanic. I have a 1992 ge automatic almost 150,000 miles. Exact same problems/symptoms as mentioned above. They did the computer scan and found that it was the mass flow sensor. Replaced for $340 USD. The mechanic gave a general look over and said the car looks exceptionally good otherwise. Hoses, plugs, etc. I will cross my fingers, I only need this car to last one year.

13th Aug 2007, 13:55

I have a 92 Nissan Maxima that is hesitating when being started. I have replaced the alternator and had the battery checked. Any suggestions on where to go next. I am a poor college student with no money and am praying for a small fix.

27th Sep 2007, 18:31

I have 92 Maxima-SE and have similar problem, intermittent loss of power just for brief time (15 to 20 sec at the most). Problem happens more during wet weather. When it happens tachometer needle jumps back and forth between very high rpms and about 2000 rpms. Took to couple of mechanics and could not find anything wrong. Dealer quoting about $1000.00 even before seeing my car and I am not willing to pay that amount. I have been driving this car under this condition for more than 3 years. Other than this it runs great. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

15th Sep 2008, 18:38

Okay, so I was the guy who posted the last comment on this thread. I claimed to have fixed the problem "once and for all." So let me quality what happened after I posted "The Answer."

So the car was running fine (better than ever) for about 6 months, then the problem started coming back. My mechanic friend Brady thinks this is because I accidentally dropped the knock or "detonation" sensor when I was pulling it out of the box to install it.

But the problem was never as bad as it was before we worked on it. In fact, I let it sit for a month and when I started it up again it ran pretty damn good. It still has symptoms of the original problem, but it certainly more driveable. I ended up selling the car about 4 months ago.

Brady requested that I ask people not to call him anymore. He was getting several calls a week and its driving him nuts. Thanks and Aloha.

Marcus Busekrus.

5th Jan 2009, 00:50

92 Maxima. Pretty sure the electronic fuel injectors are causing the car to be sluggish when taking off from a dead stop. It seems to be fine once the rpms get above 2500.

Now having problems with my power steering; it's not leaking, but yet it's starting to make a noise. I'm assuming the noise is the pulley. Any suggestions on the power steering pump?

10th Jan 2009, 11:25

SOLVED: I had the same problem as posted above, except it started like that and now through the cold winter months its worse... and happened less on warmer days...

Solved when I unplugged my O2 sensor (you should try the same). I'm now ordering a new O2 sensor for my 92 Max GXE. I'll be installing it in a few days.

AND PEOPLE, please post back with solutions to what fixed your problem!