30th Dec 2005, 13:56

Refferring to the original comment. It's nice to hear someone enjoy their Maxima and post some positive comments. Manufacturers don't make cars to last forever. Everything in this world is made to be disposable. Enjoy the car, fix it when it break and enjoy again. Repeat and be merry.

14th Mar 2006, 09:12

I have a 2001 Maxima which I bought with only 24K on it. I now have 67K miles and it has been to nissan once for check engine light. The problem which I seem to have figured out quicker than the nissan people was that the gas cap was releasing presur. After a $6 cap all has been great. I also think that nissan made a great car with plenty of power and great reliability. I have not had any issues, and the car still drives as great as the day I bought it. (hope I am no sending bad karma on my self)

8th Sep 2006, 07:27

- I have had a 2001 (A33) Nissan Maxima since new and it now has 105,000 Kms on the clock and still drives like new. It is unbelievably reliable and servicing is fairly inexpensive (eg. no timing belt to replace - it has a timing chain).

- The 3 litre engine has ample power and really good torque - it feels more like a 3.5 litre.

- Unfortunately it requires at least 95 RON fuel, but it is economical for a big car.

- Interior room is good except that headroom for tall people in the back seat is limited - be careful of this if you are looking to transport tall people in the back regularly.

- I am going to keep this car for many years to come - it is a great car. My heart says I would like an Alfa, but my head says I should keep this car and avoid the problems.