7th Sep 2010, 20:53

Purchased our 99 Maxima SE new. 137,000 miles now. While under warranty it started to idle rough. Dealer never could find the problem. As the end of warranty mileage was approaching, I told them fix it or I'm trading it for a Honda. They contacted Nissan America and got some advice. They kept it for four days, provided me a free loaner, and got 5 of 6 cylinder coils to show an error code. No problem with the idle since.

Recently the knock sensor failed. Did it myself. Great advice on the internet. Takes time, but beats paying up to a grand at the shop.

By the way, get you own code tester. Got mine at Sears.

After that code was cleared, I got her inspected. Within days the Check Engine Light was back on. Now the O2 sensor code. I expected it from everything I have read.

Been over a year, and still haven't gotten to it. I'll wait till cooler Fall weather and get it done. My son drives it daily to school.

Been a great car. Interior has held up better than any vehicle we've ever owned, but to be frank, I'll be reluctant to buy another Nissan. We're on our second Honda. Reliable, easy to work on and a lot less expensive at the shop for scheduled maintenance.

20th Jul 2011, 03:06

I just bought a 2000 Maxima, and it had the same symptoms as most are complaining about. I'm not a car mechanic, but I can use my computer to research these problems. I decided that my MAFS sensor was the problem. Autozone wanted about 150, Advance about 160. So, I got on ebay and got a brand-new one for $54.00, and that was with free shipping. It arrived in 2 days and I decided to hang it myself. With all the info on the internet on how to change it, it was a BREEZE! I can't believe so many people pay so much money to have this done by a shop. I'll be doing more maintenance/repairs myself. I'm confident I can save thousands. With all the internet info, anyone can do an accurate self diagnosis on their car. Don't depend on a mechanics opinion on repairs. It's a money trap that so many people feel trapped in.

My Maxima now runs great, and I'm almost looking forward to my next car repair that I do myself. It's great what the Internet, or a good repair manual can do. Maybe those front brake pads? Hmmmm...

15th Jun 2015, 08:16

Check the purge valve up under around the left rear tire. It goes bad and it will show faulty sensors.