1999 Nissan Maxima SE 3.0 V6 from North America


Good 4 door sports car by Nissan!


Optional interior wood trim accents "melted" under the sun.

General Comments:

I read over and over again that 1997 to 2001 was the worst years for Nissan. They had record number of quality issues, recalls, and management crisis. Despite all the bad, I think Nissan did a pretty good job on this Maxima SE.

This Maxima SE was a great 4 door sports car. I purchased it with the winter package. The black leather seats were supportive and comfortable. The 5-speed manual transmission was acceptable, but I think Nissan could have done much better. The shifts are quite long and the clutch pedal goes too deep. The Bose stereo system was excellent. Suspension was solid, but not overwhelmingly stiff. Overall, this car performed very well for a 4 door sedan.

Reliability? I did have some minor issues, but repairs were covered under the warranty. The optional interior wood trim accents were a nightmare. They changed shape and color just after 5,000 miles. It was obvious that it was faux wood. After 4 angry letters and photographs to Nissan, they finally agreed to replace them. This process took 2 months time. After dealer received the new parts, the installer didn't line them up correctly, causing more headaches.

Tires? I went through 3 tire changes during the 72,000 miles of ownership. I installed only the best, but none would hold. I could blame my driving, but my 2010 911 is holding the OEM at 48,000 miles now.

Good, fun, reliable 4 door sports car!

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Review Date: 12th July, 2013

1999 Nissan Maxima SE Limited 3.0 from North America


Wolf in sheep's clothing performance


Replaced alternator at 130560 miles.

Replaced starter at 188950 miles.

Replaced radiator at 154320 miles.

Replaced ignition coils at 168071 miles.

Replaced struts at 97393 miles.

Replaced drive belts at 96845 & 167927 miles.

Replaced EGR valve at 120800 miles.

Replaced O2 sensors at 102300 & 191400 miles.

Replaced rear valve cover gasket at 207843 miles.

General Comments:

I still love driving this car. The original clutch, tranny and engine continue to perform as new. This Maxima has been used in mostly city driving, but not stop and go.

I try and do all work on this car, and keep it away from the dealer. Frequent engine oil and transmission oil changes are the key. O2 sensors and knock sensors give you great gas mileage and performance respectively.

I believe this car will make 300k.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2012

1999 Nissan Maxima GLE from North America


The burning smell from AC/heater.

Dashboard freezes sometimes.

Service engine soon light came on a few months after I bought the car (at 135000).

General Comments:

I loved the car when I first bought it with 133k on the odometer. It's my first car, and I find it very reliable.

Besides the fact that it's not very cheap on gas, it didn't cause any problem until now. I know that the car is quite old, but what's up with the freezing dashboard? And the burning smell?

I was gonna go to check it as soon as I get some money for it, but a few days ago the "engine service soon" light came on and scared the hell out of me.

I'm going to see a mechanic next business day... But I don't think I will be able to pay hundreds/ thousands for the fix.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2010

1999 Nissan Maxima GLE 3.0 from North America


Great quality for the money


The A/C compressor pulley bearings went bad and caused the main serpentine belt to burn. (Luckily I was just pulling onto my block when this happened.) It cost me a new AC compressor.

It needs an oxygen sensor replacement to pass emissions testing.

General Comments:

This has been a great car; lots of power and performance is good. I like to turn the traction control off and have fun driving like a maniac.

The car has been super reliable, and in the 5 years I have had this car, it has never left me stranded.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2010