1999 Nissan Maxima SE Limited 3.0 V6 from North America


I love this one, and I loved the last two


Air bag light blinks - SE Limited has side air bags, and apparently the passenger side seat air bag is prone to this. To get the light off, open the driver's side door, turn the ignition to on, press the door switch 10 times very fast, turn the ignition off. This tells the system to reset.

Original battery finally gave up in late 2005.

I've had three Maximas, and have rode in others, and it seems the passenger front wheel location vibrates in all of them... very subtle (my wife sitting in that seat doesn't even notice unless I remind her) - not an issue. This is with new or old tires, balancing, alignment; still there.

One end of the spoiler popped loose from the trunk lid.

Power antenna is getting tired... they always do.

A/C is getting tired. Added one can of recharge for $25 and it's cold again. This is an issue on all 97 and newer cars of any brand with the newer refrigerant. My 96 model Maxima was still ice cold at 130,000. Better than my truck, which has NO A/C at 60,000.

Changing belts is a pain... but only every 60-75K.

General Comments:

As mentioned, we are on our third Maxima. We like the performance, fit and finish, reliability. Our last Maxima was a 96 with 130,000 when we sold it. As with any car, you WILL have things that go bad or need replacement... O2 sensors, belts, brakes and so on. Even Honda's have problems and require maintenance... virtually no car is trouble free. But, you will never had to tear into the engine on this car. Take car of the transmission, and it will take care of you. Flush the tranny and put in synthetic ATF, and it will help improve the harshness.

Ride is firm and taught, steering is connected and tight, even now with 100K, and so was our last one with 130K.

Not as quick as our 95 with a 5 speed was, but quite respectable. OK on gas, not great.

Traction control works, but doesn't jump in right away either. It can also be turned off.

I dislike having to turn the cruise control on every time you turn the car on.

Boss stereo is above average for OEM systems.

Leather holds up great and is comfortable in a long trip. Seat heaters are not too hot, but also take a little time to warm up. Interior holds up well in general.

Reasonably quiet. If you are a big/tall person, the interior might be small for you. Good trunk space. Front seats and center console does get cramped with a cell phone and a can of soda.

I do all my own repair work, and am a mechanical engineer. For the average owner, finding a good place for service that you can trust is a bigger problem in itself than anything this car will ever do. DO NOT trust a dealer to fix your car.

Auto parts stores will often "code read" for free, and help explain how to fix issues.

The knock sensor code when present with the O2 code doesn't mean replacement. Replace the appropriate O2 sensor, and the knock code should go away.

Maxima.org will help you solve your own problems. This car has a loyal following for a reason.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2007

1999 Nissan Maxima SE 3.0L V6 24v Dual Overhead Cams from North America


Mid 90's Japanese styling at it's best!!


Recently replaced all six coils. I've read a lot of articles on how this model year has coil problems. I knew the signs of bad coils and the symptoms.

Car started to show the signs of bad coils this past summer at about 59,000 mi. Hesitation, Idle shake, poor acceleration. Bought all six coils for $450.00 and did the work myself. Took roughly about 45 min to an hour to change all six.

Gas mileage was very poor. pulled codes found that the car had a bad knock sensor. Bought OEM sensor for $60.00, changed part myself.

Changed out two front heated O2 sensor. At a tune of $150.00 each.

General Comments:

Some minor set backs with owning this particular year, for example the coil issue. Other than that I've had good experience with both my Nissan's.

Body style is up to date especially for a 90's car. Power is there when you need it. Gas mileage is alright if you keep up with the maintenance.

I like the option of having a V-6 sedan with a five speed manual transmission. Interior is refined and I like how the instrument cluster has a sporty feel.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2007