1999 Nissan Maxima SE-L 3.0 from North America


A rare breed!


CV half shaft started clicking at 140000.

CD Player is shot.

Trans has a slight slip, but will be fixed soon.

General Comments:

Love this car!!! Still has good looks for being a 12 year old car. A well thought out car. Very reliable and still puts a smile on my face when I hit the pedal. My son loves that part as well. The only thing needed is more power, which I'm working on.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2009

27th Apr 2009, 00:23

I went the opposite direction. I had an '00 Maxima with a million problems, and my next car will be a Subaru Impreza (WRX, STI). The 99 Maximas were still OK though. My '00 had the following problems:

Clutch died, front axle failed, 3 O2 sensors, catalytic converter failed, stalling in wet weather, etc.

1999 Nissan Maxima LX 3.0 from North America


The best car ever built


Transmission changed at 300k when I changed the clutch. That's 300k though, so I guess that would be expected.

Never had problems with the coils like everyone else, but I maintain the car and have changed the spark plugs regularly.

The arm rest leather wore out, once again 300k+, so that armrest has seen a lot of elbow.

Replaced the windshield wiper arm. I tried to clear snow off the windshield, so that was my fault.

Blew the alarm fuse and thought it was the chip in the key. I was about to tow it when I checked all the fuses and found that 35 was blown.

Honestly there has not been too many problems that aren't regular.

People stop crying about the coilpack change; it and the car will last you a good 400k.

General Comments:

400k FOUR HUNDRED KILOMETERS and counting. This is by far the best car I have ever owned. No oil leaks. Changed some parts like the tranny, but come on, 400k. My friends are always in shock when I show them how many k's are on the car, and it still drives and looks new. There's some minor rust in the front near the wheel, but nothing major.

These cars go for under $5000 now, and are worth every penny. My car is proof that a Nissan Maxima will last forever. I am still driving it at 400k. I will update when it dies to give the actual life of the car.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2009

1999 Nissan Maxima from North America


Purchased a 1999 new Maxima, only owner, wife drives the car. Only 65,000 miles right now.

Engine service soon light on. Car ran little rough. Took to my local Nissan dealer - after they ran a diagnostic - P1605 (A/T Diagnosis Communication Line) - Dealer replaced 6 spark plugs - didn't work, replaced all 6 Coil. Total bill $1276 (including tax - after 10% off coil parts for complaining).

I think this is very common problem for the Maxima, Nissan should take the responsibility but they don't have guts.

Dealer just loves to try everything to the consumer's cost.

Nissan won't step up. I will tell people never to buy Nissan cars again.

General Comments:

Nissan need to step up, for their problem, pick up the responsibility, and to build up the confidence of the consumer. Otherwise, people are smart, they will not buy Nissan cars again, it's just that simple.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2008

1999 Nissan Maxima SE Limited 3.0 from North America


Very reliable a great bang for your buck


As with all cars something will always break and Nissan is no exception. At 77,000 miles the "Service Engine Soon" light came on and was flashing in a sequence of three blinks upon which the engine started to run uneven. I then took the car to a local Nissan dealer and was told after a $90 diagnostic check that the ignition coils were bad, and was quoted nearly $700 to fix the problem, upon which I said "thanks, but no thanks". I came home got on eBay and purchased a set of nearly new coils from an '99 Infiniti I30 for $60. I popped the old ones out and popped the new ones in and viola, problem solved. I then took the car to Autozone and had them reprogram the computer so the light would go out. This was so easy to fix that my disgust for the dealer quote was intensified ten fold.

At 90,000 miles I had the CV axles replaced at a cost of $220 (very fair price) this is common of all makes with front wheel drive at this stage of use.

The original battery went at 93,000 miles, and at five years of age this is normal.

Now at nearly ten years of age the power antenna has broken, but was easily fixed by me at a cost of $12. The biggie came at 109,000 miles when the A/C compressor went out at a cost of $1100. Soon after this the radiator went out and I fixed that myself for $120.

The lesson here is if you can do the work yourself, do it, and save big money, but whatever you do, stay away from the dealer. Do it yourself or find a reputable repair man.

I know this sounds like allot, but it's not, after ten years age and over 111,000 miles she's still running strong, smooth, and straight. Keep clean oil and fluids in this car and she'll last for 500,000 miles.

General Comments:

After five years and At 111,000 miles this car performs very well for a four door family sedan.

I have the SE model with the tighter suspension and the car takes corners very easily with very little under steer, and has allot of torque at take off.

The car averages 20 MPG in the city and around 27 MPG on the Highway.

I drove the car from Jacksonville to Key West last week at round trip total of 1154 miles and had no problems. The car did everything I asked to, on the highway, and in town without hesitation. I was surprised at the fact that I had a trunk full for baggage, three grown men, the A/C going, and the car still had plenty of reserve power to pass on the freeway.

The very reliable and torque 3.0 V6 is rated 190HP and is Nissan's best engineering feat hands down. This is proven by the fact that they have used this engine for well over 25 years, with only slight changes and mods year to year, and believe me it's like the energizer bunny.

While the transmissions are falling out of the Hondas and the interiors are falling apart in the Toyotas the Nissans overall hold up very well in all aspects.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2008