24th Nov 2004, 13:09

I also am having problems with my 2004 maxima with the rotors, I only just bought the car a month ago and at 600 Mi's. noticed the shimming of the wheels today it's back in the shop with 1400 Mi's. on it to have the problems fixed (I hope) the last time it was in they balanced the wheels (with 26psi in them? should be 32psi) I asked how they could have balanced them like that? and got a empty stare back .

28th Aug 2005, 14:58

Does anyone who owns a 2004 Maxima with a power sunroof have any trouble communicating with your passenger when the headboard that covers the sunroof is open and the sunroof is closed? I've taken it to the dealer twice, and the few adjustments they made to the sunroof haven't accomplished didley squat. Anyone who has or had this problem, please HHEELLPP.

1st Oct 2005, 09:06

I love my 2004 Maxima SE, however over the last few months I notice a scraping sound coming from the front end. I don't know whether it is the brakes or engine. Also, I hear a rubbing sound, all when the car is cold, then it goes away. The dealer can never get the sound reproduced. Help!!!

14th Dec 2005, 18:15

I have a 2004 Maxima SE automatic with 59,000 miles. For about 5 months the car bangs and jerks when accelerating and decelerating. The problem has been getting worse as time goes on. This happens before the car shifts into 2nd gear or as it shifts into 2nd. My mechanic told me it was a motor mount problem and it will cost approximately $800 to fix. I am not very happy about this. Has anyone had a similar problem with their Maxima?

31st Dec 2005, 12:37

I have the same issue. The Car jerks when it switches from 1st to 2nd gear. It's a 2004 Maxima SL. I complained about it. After a few weeks, they spoke with some technicians and they said there's a piece that needs to be changed in the Transmission - Turbine Sensor. After the fix, the car got better for a couple of months or so, but now I have the same issue again. I'm still researching it, I just don't want to give it to Nissan technicians and they perform the guess-work again..

1st Apr 2006, 21:17

There is much to love about my 04 Maxima SE, but there are some annoying problems too. The big one is the fact that the transmission slips quite often, especially between 1st and 2nd gear. The motor revs probably 1000 rpm or so before it goes into gear. Then many times there is a jerk between every gear. I have taken it to the dealership twice and they say that they "can't replicate the problem". I bet I'm not the only one with this problem, so why can't they just fix it or at least admit the model has problems? I would love to hear from more owners with transmission problems.

4th Apr 2006, 02:10

4-3-06 Los Angeles

I have a 2004 maxima well I bought it in 2003 and I'm having the same transmission problem at 32,000 miles. But it doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes when I'm making a turn (not making a full stop) and giving it gas around the corner. Or when I get off the freeway and my car switches gears and I gas it it jerks. Today I'm taking my car in because when I start it, it stalls and I have to start it again. I took it in before and they found nothing wrong so I waited till it got worse and hopefully they get it right this time. Another thing to listen for is a clicking sound coming from the front of your car. That clicking sound is your struts, and I had mine changed 3 times until they got it right. They said they put modified struts in, whatever that means. I found that if I drive alone I'll hear the struts clicking more frequently the with a mechanic with me. Too much weight in the car not enough clicking. And drive on a rolling or kind of bumpy street. Well off to the dealer for more under warranty work.

4th Apr 2006, 16:42

I have an 04 maxima with 63,000 miles on it and it also jerks between 1st and 2nd gear. very noticeable. I think Nissan is aware of this and is doing nothing to honor these headaches. My first and last Nissan.

9th Apr 2006, 15:18

I have 2006 Maxima with 11,000 miles. It seems to be having some transmission problems.

At approximately 20 -25 MPH, when I accelerate, the car switches from 3rd into 2nd gear with quite noticeable jerk.

Also under more load i.e. going up a hill or on moderate-speed (40 MPH) turns, there is some kind of metallic noise coming from the front of the car.

I have not brought it to the dealership yet since these problems are not consistent and so far not easy to replicate on purpose.

Do you know if Nissan is aware of these problems and if yes, did they give any comments?

21st Jun 2006, 03:57

Does anyone know the specific Nissan Repair/Replacement Bulletin # that covers uneven wear of front wheel rotors on a 2004 Maxima with 21.500 miles?

14th Aug 2006, 19:17

I also seem to be having transmission problems with my 2004 Nissan Maxima. The car has 62,000 miles on it, and the problem is just starting to surface. I get a jerking motion when the car shifts from 1st to 2nd, or it downshifts from 2nd to 1st. It jerks especially hard when making a turn, and the car slows down and picks up speed again. The thing I hate the most is the problem is temperamental. It'll be fine one day, and the next it jerks around like crazy. I tried contacting Nissan about the problem, but can't get thru to anybody who actually might give a hoot. Is there anybody who might know where I can directly report this problem and see if something can be done? I went to nissanhelp.com to see if I could find an answer. I found an article that might help, but I haven't tried it yet. Has anybody done it and had it work?

24th Aug 2006, 16:38

I have a 04 Max and recently had transmission trouble. The car would not accelerate with the normal power and it seemed like it was stuck in a high gear even when stopped. The check engine light came on. Brought it to the dealer and the code P0797 was stored from the check engine light. They replaced the Transmission Valve Body part # 31705-8Y002. Everything is OK now.

24th Dec 2006, 17:20

I have a '04 Max. At 37,000 miles the struts began to fail. Makes it ride somewhat like a lumber wagon. Missed the warranty by 1,000 miles. I was informed that if we replaced the struts, THEN they would be guaranteed for life. My question: Why did they put sub-standard struts in the car in the first place? I have purchased MANY Pontiacs, Buicks, and NEVER had struts go out. Even after 100,000 miles! To me, it seems that there should have been a recall. The Nissan Dealer's need to stand behind their products, and correct their mistakes, or they will not have very many people loyal to their brand, and purchasing more than one. I know that I won't!

An Unsatisfied Customer.