21st Jun 2011, 04:33

I too have a 04 Nissan Max. I love my car, but I am also having the hard shift between 1st and 2nd gear. It jumps so hard that I am scared that it will just stop moving. I am fine on the highway, but in rush hour when in stop and go traffic, I am in hell. I was looking to see if it was some recall information online, and ran into this site. It seems to be over 400 complaints about the same issue, so what do we do, and how much does it cost to fix it? I see the lawsuit, which I would follow up on, but now I need to fix my car... HELP!

3rd Aug 2011, 10:16

Hello, I'm trying to find some way to fix my Nissan Maxima tranny like everybody else? This is very frustrating because Nissan Corp. know they messed up and won't admit to their wrong doing. But I'm trying to see if it's indeed the electrical/mechanical shifting, or the solenoid?... jhallscatering@hotmail.com

17th Aug 2011, 16:56

Yeah, me too. I have some problem with the transmission. I'm from Montreal, Canada and I need all of us do some recall to our government!!! Because anyone I know who's got a Nissan Maxima 2004-2005-2006 has this problem.

Contact me alcasano@hotmail.ca

28th Sep 2011, 22:38

I have the exact same problem with my 2001 Maxima.

You might want to take it to Auto Zone or anywhere with an in-depth OBD scanner, and have it checked for current and/or pending codes such as a P0720, which is a speed sensor. It may be malfunctioning, and in need or replacement. That was the case in my car, and may be the same in yours.

I have an 04 and 01 Maxima, 95 Altima and a 1999 Infiniti Q45, and of all these Nissan products, that was the only problem I encountered in the past 3-4 years.

Hope that helped, good luck.

20th Oct 2011, 12:37

We have a 2004 Maxima SE that we leased new, then purchased at the end of the lease. It now has 85,000 miles on it. Trans does the "hard shift" in & out of first gear. Have had to replace all 4 motor mounts to the tune of approx $2000. Will replacing the throttle body assembly correct the problem, or will we have to rebuild the trans? We're now in retirement & don't need this continued expense if it can be "fixed" easily and affordably. Any feedback anyone? Thanks.

20th Oct 2011, 17:18

What year was your Maxima? I have a 2004, and mine started slipping after I put on my motor mount. But I was trying to see if they would do a recall on either the transmission or the motor mounts. If you know anything, please inform me at shanesadixon@yahoo.com. Thanks.

26th Oct 2011, 21:00

I have the same problem right now with my 2004 Nissan Maxima. My mechanic said it was a cam timing solenoid problem that was causing it to seem to slip out of gear for a few seconds while accelerating, and then slam into gear. He said it was caused by the cam timing gear having sludge in it, and not being able to advance and retard properly. I replaced a couple of sensors, and it worked for a while, and then it got much worse. It would jerk through two gear shifts while accelerating, and jerk really hard during hard braking while downshifting.

Finally during city driving with all this going on, if it made to 5th gear, it would get stuck there at a stop and would not go into 1st (even when I switched to auto stick). So I would have to put it in park and shut it off (at a stop light) and turn it back on to get back in first.

Today it finally wouldn't go any where, forward or reverse. Even in neutral it's stuck (unless the engine is off, then it will roll). I called my mechanic today and he said it sounds 2 gears are engaged at the same time and it will most likely need a rebuild. What really sucks is it only has 97,234 miles on it, and when I bought new in 04, they claimed it wouldn't need any major servicing for 100,000 miles. I figured I would get at least 200,000 miles out of it before I needed to make major repairs, yet here I am.

A funny side note is I have company vehicle that I drive every day. It's a 2004 Ford Taurus SEL V6 (pulls really hard too, comparable to my Maxima but still not faster) and has 189,529 miles on it, and it runs like brand new. All I have ever had to do to it is change the oil (correction, my employer takes care of that).

3rd Nov 2011, 15:18

I have a 2004 Maxima SE. Had the same problem, it's the motor mounts. Cost about $800.

28th Apr 2012, 00:01

Yes, this transmission has many valve body problems. And yes, it can be replaced with the transmission in the car. Valve body costs $987.00 from a dealer, and can be installed in 30 minutes, then reprogrammed. Hope this helps.

10th May 2012, 13:15

I have the same problem, jerking and slipping in the stop and go traffic after the car is warmed up. My car showed two fault codes PO780 - shift malfunction and PO797 - pressure control solenoid stuck on.

I read on maxima.org that Nissan had a publication in April of 2011 suggesting that if you have the PO780 error code, to replace it with the new and updated VB. I took mine to the local tranny shop, and the mechanic said since the transmission oil is dark and has a burnt smell; it needs a transmission overhaul on top of the new valve body, and he quoted the repair price around $3500-$4000.

I read on the same forum, that if you see metal shavings in the trans oil, that is when you need a transmission rebuild, not from the oil being black.

Does anyone know about this? Please help.

13th May 2012, 23:10

Where were you able to buy the tranny valve body? I'm being told by a transmission repair shop that they can only get it from the dealership, which wants $1052.00 for the part.

14th Mar 2014, 18:38

I am having the same problem with my 2004 Nissan Maxima.

11th Oct 2017, 14:04

I own a 2004 Nissan Maxima and I just put a new radiator in my car. The guy who fixed the car said everything was fine when I drove off the lot, but as I pushed the gas in, it took off slow, then it sped up fast. But I would love to take off at the correct speed; does anyone know what could this be? I love the car, but the only issue is when I'm crossing a light, it takes off slow, then it picks up speed; that's dangerous to me. Can someone please help.

11th Oct 2017, 23:44

Sounds like a string of trans comments on here as a cause of slipping. Other causes are a clogged fuel filter, bent exhaust pipe, O2 sensor, fuel pump needing to be replaced.