4th Nov 2010, 00:00

78,000 miles, 2004 Maxima, timing chain gone. Paid 150 to put on a new belt, didn't fix the noise, I'm screwed.

11th Dec 2010, 17:25

Parents bought a 2004 Maxima 3.5 about 6 months ago with 115k on it. Right off the bat, it started hard-shifting between 2-3 on both acceleration and deceleration (chirping the wheels on acceleration, and almost to the point of being kicked forward out of the seat on deceleration). They took it to a local transmission place, which dx'd the problem, changed the transmission fluid, and came to the conclusion: "there is nothing wrong with your transmission." Besides finding this site, no one has been able to tell us what the problem is with this shifting and how to fix it... on this site, I see and understand the frustrations as well as many complaints about this particular problem, but no real definite fixes... Can anyone help?

3rd Jan 2011, 09:46

I also have an 04 Maxima, and it also has tranny problems, but mostly after coming to a stop and then re-accelerating.. but now I have some major problems I think.. My tail lights won't go off, and when I floor the gas, it doesn't accelerate like it's supposed to.. it just gradually goes at a normal pace.. and the auto sunroof switch won't open the sunroof, but the button will.. and now my key won't come out of the ignition.. this all happened a few days ago, and then went away... Then I washed the car, and it all started happening.. is that a coincidence, or does someone think something is getting wet. Has anyone else had these problems, and what was it, or what does anybody think is happening? I say computer problems, but open for answers.

7th Jan 2011, 16:07

Guys... Go to maxima.org, click on Maxima discussions then click on 6th gen, then click on the Class Action Lawsuit and read the forum, particularly #104 on the 3rd page or the forum.


14th Jan 2011, 14:08

Quick question.. my engine is on fire, but my check engine light or my monitor/LCD screen don't show any warnings! Should I exit my car or is the engine probably fine?! I mean it is a computer, so I am POSITIVE it's correct and I'm just being a stupid blonde! Please someone, if you've got any info.. hook it up.

29th Jan 2011, 05:43

Hello fellow Nissan Maxima owners. This is an incredible common shifting problem we have. Nissan engineers made some admitted mistakes with the parts/suppliers used for some critical components of the 2004 - 05 Maxima (A34). They have also quietly made some confessions about the transmission shifting/jerking/banging problem. If you have an error code of DTC P0745, there is a Technical Service Bulletin that will give you some assistance at the dealership.

Typically the shifting problem is not the entire transmission, but the mechanical controls of the transmission; the valve body. You can get the dealership to replace it with the factory part number 31705-8Y00B ($1050).

You can also have another shop replace the valve body with any number of rebuilt or replacement valve bodies. Here are several links to vendors that make a replacement valve body:

Transtar Part Numbers: D89740C-http: www.transtar1.com/newproductsArchive.asp

Sumbelt Valve Bodies in Florida: www.sunbeltvalvebodies.com/sbvb/VBCatalog/tabid/59/CategoryID/12/ProductID/81/Default.aspx

South Tampa Solenoid: www.solenoidstore.com/prod.itml/icOid/510

Level 10 in New Jersey: www.levelten.com/MAXIMA_Valve_Body_FIX_p/niss-ja210-9000-55sn.htm

And lastly, Transgo makes a kit that you can have an average transmission shop rebuild YOUR valve body for less expense than any other option: www.transgo.com

Please don't take my word for this, do your own research. My research of this problem found the above info. There is no need to spend $3000 for an unneeded transmission overhaul when it is only the electronic/mechanical shifting problem.

Nissan can typically do the job for $1200 with a factory warranty, while some shops can do it for less, depending on the cost of the valve body.

Good luck. Remember to keep this issue simple, to reduce the stress of dealing with what some folks will tell you is an expensive and complicated repair.

8th Mar 2011, 14:12

Hey, I've had my 04 Maxima for about 2 years and I feel all y'all's pain. The jerking is killer, it scares me to drive too long. And after reading all this, and seeing that the transmission flush did nothing, I feel even worse for my Maxy :(

Hopefully NISSAN can help. Also I noticed..

- A weird water noise when you start the car??

- Emission system leak??

- AC leak??

- Lighting issues??

- Heater blows out cold air??

I have no idea what to do, this company needs to act professional and solve the issues with their car. DO NOT BUY A NISSAN.. I warned you.

9th Mar 2011, 21:02

I purchased a '04 Nissan Maxima almost four years ago. It has 113,000 miles on it, it is jerking and shaking. I took it to the Nissan dealership, and they said I need a new transmission, and said it would cost $3400. They also mentioned to me that it's coming from the transmission valve body. I feel that Nissan should do something to help everyone that owns a 2004-2005 Nissan Maxima. This is ridiculous!! I would expect this from a cheap car. The issue needs to be addressed. It's a shame my 2001 Chevy Cavalier was in better shape than my Maxima...

15th Mar 2011, 20:22

I just purchased my 2004 Maxima a couple months ago and I too have the same problem with my transmission slipping and when you shift into drive it gives you whiplash.

I love my car but never thought this would be such a common defect on a Maxima. I wish Nissan would fix this problem.

20th Mar 2011, 14:07

Camshaft positioning sensor was the cause of my very similar issue.

23rd Mar 2011, 18:52

March 22 - I had the Transgo kit installed and it fixed the problem.

30th Mar 2011, 07:39

Had a valve body from valvebodybuilders.com installed yesterday; everything seems to be back to normal, no more hard shifts, jerking. Thanks to everyone who posted on here.

3rd Apr 2011, 19:01

Hi. Did you ever figure out what the problem was and how much it cost?

8th Apr 2011, 14:33

Worked for me too. I paid $500 for a new Throttle Body Assembly and another $250 for labor. They also had to clear the auto trans memory and let it relearn the shift points. My car runs great again!

27th Apr 2011, 20:05

Hi, I read your comments about the problem with the transmission, and I wonder if finally you found the dilemma? Think I have exactly the same problem. I appreciate your information. sanson5718@yahoo.com


29th Apr 2011, 00:06

Hi guys, I'm interested in getting my 04 Maxima tranny fixed. I saw your post about valvebodybuilders.com and see they're in Canada. Did you say the valve body was 500 and 250 for labour? Who installed it, and are you in Canada? Thanks for your help.

19th May 2011, 14:50

I'm having the same issue with my 2004 Nissan with the transmission and jerking motion. I called Nissan and complained that I didn't understand how there is no recall. He informed me to go the website below and submit a request so they can look into it. I advise you guys to do the same.


20th May 2011, 22:53

Hey everyone! Check out the forum at http://forums.maxima.org/6th-generation-maxima-2004-2008/622471-transmission-class-action-lawsuit.html. I am working with the lawyer mentioned in post #104 on a class action lawsuit against Nissan. The complaint has been drafted, we just need to fill in a few more blanks and he will file the complaint with the court.