16th Oct 2004, 23:17

Yes - you can buy the coils for about $60 each at http://www.nissan-auto-parts-dealer.com/ and install them... It's fairly easy, except the back row is kind of a tight fit. Here are the directions for the spark plugs... you can leave those in though as the ignition coils fit over them.



21st Oct 2004, 08:59

I have had the exact same problem with my 99 MAX SE at about the same mileage. They may be a known defect. The computer isolated it to #3 cylinder. We replaced it now the problem is back, perhaps with another cylinder. If I remember correctly there are two part #'s. One is for the front and one for the back three cylinders. Not hard to change, but an annoying problem that I would not expect in a Maxima.

Mike D.

23rd Feb 2005, 10:06

I am having a similiar issue. 99 Maxima SE.

At 3k dealer replaced coil #6 and also replaced what they called a master coil, said it sends the signals to the coils. Now at 66k having issue again and dealer said that need new #6 coil and plugs all around. They just did the 60k service 3500 miles ago, I guess they didn't check the plugs or maybe they did and cracked the coil putting it back in.

Is it worth going ahead and getting all new coils or just the one?

18th Apr 2005, 12:34

I am now replacing another batch of coils on my 2000 Maxima, at only about 30,000 miles. This appears to be a general defect that Nissan should fix, but isn't. There is an ignition coil recall petition for 2000-2003 Maximas at http://www.petitiononline.com/NIS_IGN/petition.html that already has 1,400 signatures, including mine! I used to love the car, but I will never buy a Nissan again.

23rd Oct 2008, 23:28

Nissan Maximas suck. The defective coil and spark plugs for my 1999 Maxima. Nissan, no guts to take the responsibility. People are smart, they will not buy another Nissan again. Nissan just don't look at the long term goal. Greedy and dumb. The CEO probably makes too much money.