16th Jul 2007, 21:16

I too have had bad luck with my 2000 Maxima SE. I have only had the car for two years. Problems started with the dreaded shaking and erratic idle. After a $90 diagnostic fee, the dealership told me that all six of the ignition coils needed to be replaced at 84000 miles. That was $900 down the drain. A couple of weeks later the car started acting up again. That problem turned out to be the ECU. That was another $500 down the drain. Two days ago the car refused to even crank. I thought it was the battery and ran into the Walmart close by to replace the battery. No go. The car only has 94000 miles and I am now awaiting bad news again. This car has soured my faith in Nissan. Never again!

17th Jul 2007, 12:20

I myself have experienced the O2 sensor code. I changed the mass air flow sensor, and it ran great. Then the SES came on again saying O2 sensor. I need to find a way to program the ECU to stop sending false readings, just kidding.

In my opinion, I believe the Nissan corporation will lose plenty of business. Why is because I rather pay for good American junk than terrible foreign junk. Their parts are way too expensive compared to American made vehicles. I know majority parts are made overseas, so why are they cheaper?

I've had two Nissan Maximas; this will be my last unless they give me one LOL...

20th Jul 2007, 16:20

2000 Maxima SE... SES Light On and my Mechanic has told me oxygen sensor 1 is faulty. I sure am glad I found this site!

Could this sensor cause the transmission to slip? once the car is warmed up and driven 30 minutes or so the RPM'S shoot up and I get no accleration. The car has to be shut off to rest then Its good to go.

23rd Jul 2007, 19:09

I have 2000 Nissan Maxima. Engine light on about three years.

Had it diagnosed three different times, different mechanics, different computer, each time something different comes up.

I absolutely do not know what to do.

I want to sell it I need a 4x4.

The car runs great, but the light on and getting a smog to sell it, it will not pass I don't think.

4th Aug 2007, 16:07

Like many of you, my check engine light comes on an off for no apparent reason. I've had the car (99 Maxima SE) since 2004, it had 47k miles. Right after leaving the dealership I bought it to be inspected, and it pomptly failed. I brought it back to the dealership, and he ran the codes on it (P0134, O2 sensor Bank 1). He just reset the computer. It comes on regularly, and it's on right now with the same code. I can't find this code on the OBD ii website, so if anyone knows what it means I'd love to know. The only difference I notice in my car's performance is a big drop in fuel efficiency.

Unlike many of you, I haven't put any money into fixing anything, and after reading your comments I'm really glad I didn't. I have an inspection coming up, so I'm going to first try disconnecting the battery to see if the light goes out. If that doesn't work, then I'll try the gasoline additive. If that doesn't work, then I'll replace the MAF meter. If none of that works, well, perhaps Nissan will make a little more money off of this apparent defect.

15th Aug 2007, 16:21

I have a 2000 Maxima SE. My SES light came on around 85,000 miles and I ignored it until I failed my emissions test last month. At that point I was up to 100K in miles. I failed for two reasons; my engine was too lean and something was wrong with my ignition signal board.

I brought it to a local mechanic; he said the problem was a knock sensor. The part was the size of quarter, but was located in a very difficult part of the engine to get to, therefore it was very labor intensive. He recommended while the engine was being taken apart, to replace the spark plugs, 700 bucks later the light was off temporarily. I failed my emissions test again, the ignition signal board was still a problem. I brought it back and the mechanic said it was the ignition condenser, 200 bucks later (he only charged an hour of labor out of sympathy) the light was off.

Turned out the light was only off for a day, and then my car drove horribly. When I accelerated the engine felt like it lost power and I was unable to gain speed. I did some research on this site and it sounded like most other peoples issue with the ignition coils.

Brought it back, replaced the coils, 600 bucks later the light was off and I passed my emissions the next week. One week later the light was back and the car drove horribly, same issues. Now the mechanic is telling me it is the Mass Airflow Sensor...

This is never ending. I hate my car, and I want to buy a new one, but I have invested so much time and money this month. All said, after this repair, I will be around 1800 in a month. Did anyone give up and trade their car in, was the resale value hurt by this year being a bad car?

17th Aug 2007, 08:43

FYI everyone for Maxima 2000...

I had my emissions test failed because of O2 sensor, sensor 2 bank 1. The service engine soon light was on. So I checked the codes and removed the codes. You can do that at the local parts store. FYI, if there are faulty parts then the light will come back on within 50 miles. I have driven the car for 15 miles now and the light has not come back on yet. I intend to carry out the emissions test this afternoon. I will post a message again once the test is completed.

I was reading all the complaints about the Maxima 2000 and I am suspecting something like this. I heard a mechanic, a really good one, say that sometimes there are electrical spikes cause by the alternator, and this causes the sensors to give a temporary faulty reading. As a result engine light comes on as there are error codes. It is not really the fault of the sensors. If you have read all the complaints, the O2 sensors seemed to be going out at various milages, how can this happen, are the O2 sensors manufactured to some sort of specifications. I think all those who have spent thousands, maybe you have just replaced good parts. I think the real problem is with the electrical system. The electrical system may not be bad, but may have caused error codes to come on due to spikes.

Well, I am going to get the emissions test done with my error codes turned off and will update you. And once I have passed 50 miles, I am going to check the error codes again to see if they are back, and will update you with the info as well. For sure I will never buy a Nissan again. Good bye Nissan.