11th Mar 2010, 22:55

Bought an 06 Maxima SL that had 16,000 miles on it when I got it from the dealership.. Less than a year later I started experiencing problems with the ABS sensor. Got it replaced. It was still under warranty so I did not have to pay anything.

Last Summer the amp went out in the car, and I had to pay 600.00 to replace that because they claim a penny went down inside the dash and shorted out the amp. I was never shown this penny. Warranty department did nothing when I complained.

Now here it is March 2010, and guess what, I'm having the same ABS sensor problem again. Which causes a humming sound in the dash and causes the brakes to grab when applied and sometimes not stop properly. I did purchase the extended warranty. The dealership put me in a rental and told me that the computers were down so he can't say for certain, but they are 85% sure that it is covered because I have the Gold Preferred Package Extended Warranty. I will believe it when I see it. I do not have 1800.00 to pay for this repair. Really can't even afford the deductible if they pay for it. This will be my last Nissan.

9th Apr 2010, 13:18

I have a 2004 Maxima and it needs a transmission; that's the only problem I hope.

11th Apr 2010, 22:00

All of the above with a little twist. Perhaps you can tell me the ballpark figure on this repair so I can decide on selling it and paying off the remainder of the loan. The ABS light and the brake light are on. When I turn the car off... there's an electrical motor noise coming from under the hood and the battery soon dies after a few hours. There is no way this car is worth the money paid for it.

12th Apr 2010, 19:25

I expect the repair you are asking about is approximately $2000-2500. I didn't bother with it. I also get that sound from under the hood and I am told that it is the electric motor mounts adjusting. I have absolutely no idea why they are adjusting, and usually it stops after a couple of seconds.

22nd Jun 2010, 19:23

I own a 04 Maxima. I hate this car. At 46,000 miles I had to replace the trans. My A/C never worked & now my windows won't open. I so want to get rid of this car. I'm only keeping it because it's paid in full. Very soon I hope to get a Honda. This is my 1st and last Nissan ever!

10th Aug 2010, 15:18

My wife's 2006 Maxima is having the same ABS problems, and Nissan said we are responsible for the bill because it is out of warranty. It has 24,000 miles on it! I unplugged the front passenger side speed sensor, just above the motor mount and disabled the system to prevent burning out the expensive parts. It drives fine, you just have to deal with the ABS light on the dash. This is obviously a problem that Nissan doesn't want to deal with. This will be the last Nissan we ever own! You shouldn't have to disable a safety feature on your car to be able to drive it! It is a design flaw, they know it, and even post it in their service bulletin to grind a slot in the knuckle where the sensor mounts in the wheel hub. What a joke!

27th Sep 2010, 22:39

I also have problems with my Nissan Maxima 2004. I took it already to the dealer. So far they changed the spark plugs, each one costing $6. I had about 6 coils changed. But there is no more check engine light, however the car stalls in the morning, until I accelerate to get it to start. It is running no problem. When it stops or at red lights it tends to stall, a loss of power. Any suggestions for what the problem is? Also no codes are given in OBO II.

28th Sep 2010, 20:20

I had this stalling problem, and what apparently was the problem is that the computer system lost its setting for the idle speed. They referred to the fix as getting the computer to re-learn the idle setting. It was a quick fix at the dealer. I did my first plug change at 225000 KM.

8th Nov 2010, 15:18

Well, I really really REALLY wanted a Nissan Maxima. I even had a few picked out to go and test drive, and was hoping on purchasing one of them.

BUT I'm not going to, this many people with all the same problems means something, and I just want to say thanks a lot you guys for possibly saving me a small fortune in vehicle repairs!!

Now what the heck am I going to buy...

9th Nov 2010, 12:32

Since my last posting, I found that my typically fragile front end had a loose ball joint. That sounds simple enough, but with the additional items that should be changed and the fact that the ball joint is part of a larger control arm assembly, I learned that my simple repair would be $1800. Could have been a fantastic car if ease of service was designed in by the engineers.

My guess is that they tried to optimize how much money a dealer could make after the sale.

9th Dec 2010, 22:10

I have a 2006 Nissan Maxima, and when it started stalling while driving, I took it to 2 different shops before going to the dealership, and was told that one of the converters was bad. I was then advised to take to Nissan, because the converters are covered under a warranty.

When I took it to Nissan, I received a list of parts that needed replaced. All of the parts listed were fine 2 days prior at the other shops. I was told that a bad converter would destroy this list of parts that Nissan has said were bad. So, after paying $100.00 for Nissan to test the converter, they told me that because the other parts were bad, the warranty on the converter was void.

While picking up from Nissan, the car died and we had to tow it home. We (not at Nissan) have now changed all of the parts that Nissan claimed were the problems and still the car will not start???

We have changed all of the coils, converters, air senors, crank senor, plugs, wires, and ECU. The car will still not start???

Any advice would be great!


19th Dec 2010, 07:52

I have an 04 Nissan Maxima: 1st problem is the radiator cracked, because the top of it is made with plastic. Got that fixed, and a week later, here's another problem.

2nd problem: Oil leak... replaced some seals, stopped leaking for about a month, and started back. I just make sure oil is in the car. I will not fix that again.

3rd problem, the car started making a horrible noise when braking. I was scared to death; I thought the brakes were not going to work. Now the ABS light is coming on. I have an appointment on Tuesday to take it to the shop; will let you know the cost.

This car is not worth the money!!! There are a lot of problems with this car. And dealing with the dealership is horrific... If I trade the car in now, I will be upside down as soon as I am "right side up".

I'm getting rid of this car... This is the worst car I have ever had in my life, and I have owned several cars in my life time.

Buyer beware, Do Not Buy this car... nice to look at, fun to drive, but it will stay in the shop more than you will drive it.