3rd Jan 2011, 17:26

I hate this car. Bought it with 37k a few years back. The clutch blew at 43K and wasn't covered under my "gold" pkg warranty, because it's a "wearable item". Total bull.

Been driving sticks my whole life and never went through a clutch.

They wouldn't cover, and I had to pay 2k.

Now I'm getting that grinding sound I've been reading about. Feels like I can't stop when getting off the highway.

I hate this car.

This car is the worst.

6th Apr 2011, 09:50

I agree the lights are too difficult to change. I changed my lights to HIDs. I'm regretting them going out and having to tackle the pulling the front bumper off.

14th Apr 2011, 16:57

Check your oil - had the same problem, found out the car was consuming oil. still happens at start up on full oil level, but only briefly. About 10-12 oz will take you from L to H on the dip stick; do the math for inbetween.

29th Oct 2011, 02:59

I just paid 2,977.00 in repairs on my wife's 2004 Maxima. The ABS module alone was $1,400. I had to replace all rotors, calipers, brake pads etc. Still beats a 500 a month car payment every month.

15th May 2012, 10:42

The ABS controller module on my 2005 Maxima bit the dust yesterday, and the dealer tells me it will cost $2100 to replace it. After some research, I learned there was a TSB issued by Nissan in 2007 that outlines steps that could have prevented this in the first place. It's shameful that the dealers who know about this problem aren't honest enough to tell their customers what the real source of the problem is, and don't take preventative measures to properly clean rust from the hubs/ABS sensors when replacing worn rotors. Their greed and sole interest to line their own pockets, has made my decision very simple when it comes time to buy another vehicle. It won't be Nissan!

19th Jul 2013, 09:23

You are being ripped off. You don't need to take out the headlight assembly to change the light bulbs. Sorry they did that to you.

16th Feb 2015, 02:09

Can you please tell me exactly where that sensor is? I have a 2004 Maxima. Thanks.